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National Day 2024

Celebrate Singapore’s 59th birthday with our amazing arts and culture scene!

Get ready for groovy rhythms, dazzling costumes, vibrant displays and more during this year’s exciting National Day Parade.

Whether you’re feeling deeply patriotic or simply curious about our heritage, indulge in our specially curated National Day-themed performances and explore iconic local galleries that showcase our uniquely local artistic expressions.

Stay tuned to this space as we unveil more exciting updates!

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This year’s theme is ‘Together, As One United People’. Look out for mass performances, familiar songs and three heartwarming short films that spotlight our family values, collective strength and diversity.


Catch the highlights of this year’s festive parade right here before you head to Padang for the main event:



Pre-Parade — Together, As One United People




Kickstart the party with a BANG! Say hello to our massive national mascots – August the Merlion (NDP’s official mascot), Sharity (Community Chest mascot), Singa the Lion (our national kindness mascot), Becky Bunny (Families for Life mascot), Nila (Sports Singapore mascot), and Captain Green (NEA mascot).

Chapter 1 — United We Stand: Parade and Ceremony


Gather your family, friends and neighbours for the ultimate kampong spirit as you enjoy the Choir Music Video featuring 134 student performers, some from special education schools. Then, catch the Military Tattoo-Combined Band as they present 'Diversity in Strength', a composition highlighting diversity and unity in Singapore. 


Chapter 2 — Together, We Keep Singapore Strong: Total Defence 40 Dynamic Defence Display


To commemorate 40 years of Total Defence, NDP 2024 will feature the Dynamic Defence Display, showcasing all six pillars of Total Defence through multimedia and live-action segments.



Chapter 3 — Together, We Achieve



Look closely and you can catch the behind-the-scenes camaraderie in true Singaporean spirit. Watch as dedicated teams manoeuvre colourful props, arrange elegant formations, and dazzle you with pyrotechnics and a multimedia time lapse of Singapore's transformation.



Chapter 4 — We Embrace Our Diversity


Regardless of race, language or religion, we are all Singaporeans and that means our love for food and the arts will forever connect us all! Stand hand-in-hand through cross-cultural performances and look forward to vibrant displays of our favourite street food, accompanied by hit songs like ‘Fried Rice Paradise’ by Dick Lee. 


Chapter 5 — We Uplift One Another


Catch a heartfelt performance that begins with a soul-stirring cello solo, followed by the melodies of Voices of Singapore, for an experience that will leave you spellbound.



Chapter 6 — Our Future We Create



Jam to this year's theme song 'Not Alone' by Benjamin Kheng, alongside other pop hits and beloved National Day classics. Cherish fond memories and experience stunning light displays that will transport you into Singapore's future in this final segment.


Pumped up for NDP 2024? See you there in your best red and white fit!


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All images are credited to NDP 2024.

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