Dance into the spotlight: Your ultimate guide to da:ns focus’s Ballet by the Bay weekend

Published on 07 March 2024
By Team Catch

Get ready for Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s da:ns focus 2023/24, bursting with energy and creativity through five themed weekends packed with immersive experiences and inspiring conversations. This March 2024 brings you Ballet by the Bay, a weekend designed especially for ballet lovers! Get swept away by timeless classics and dazzling neo-classical wonders, as the magic of dance is unveiled against the breathtaking backdrop of the bay.

1. Ballet Workshops 

Wide shot of adults and children participating in a ballet workshop

Three ballet workshops for all ages! Pirouette your way into the captivating world of ballet.

Embark on three different ballet journeys designed for you and your young ones through introductory dance sessions for all ages. With a total of six sessions spread out across three age groups, each one is tailored for tiny tots aged three to six, parent-child bonding for those six and above, and youth and adult beginners. These immersive ballet workshops beckon you to join the dance craze and promise an exploration of ballet's elegance. 


Ballet Workshops for Adults & Preschoolers, Adults & Kids, and Adults & Youths are all running on 10 March 2024 at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio. Tickets are priced from $17. 

2. Ballet 101: Decoding the Art Form for New Audience


Wide shot of a ballet dancer posing in a studio

The stage is set for the perfect introduction into an enchanting weekend of ballet.

Unlock the allure of ballet with renowned veteran dancers Etienne Ferrère, Rosa Park, Chihiro Uchida, and Kenya Nakamura as they unravel ballet secrets in just 30 minutes! Dive into the captivating world of pirouettes and pliés as they tackle the foundations of this dance form, offering a backstage pass to the daily grind of professional dancers. There, you’ll get a glimpse into how techniques are honed, beginning from foundational steps to breathtaking performances. This programme unveils the essence of ballet, sprinkled with excerpts from both classical and neo-classical works. 


Ballet 101: Decoding the Art Form for New Audience is happening from 22 to 23 March 2024 at the Esplanade Concourse. Admission is free.


3. Impermanence 


Wide shot of a dancer leaping against a backdrop of the Cavenagh Bridge


Experience National Contemporary Ballet's debut Impermanence at Esplanade, choreographed by Jeffrey Tan, capturing Singapore's vibrant evolution.

Experience National Contemporary Ballet's Esplanade debut with Impermanence, crafted by Singapore's Jeffrey Tan. This blend of classical ballet elegance and neo-classical style vividly portrays Singapore's changing scenery. Tan's choreography seamlessly mixes tradition with innovation, capturing the city's dynamic spirit and adaptability. At the helm of this dynamic ensemble is Tan himself, a luminary in the dance world with a repertoire spanning from Balanchine to Duato. Despite a late start, Tan's journey has taken him across the globe, earning him accolades and applause. 


Impermanence is happening from 22 to 24 March 2024 at DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade. Admission is free. 

4. Melissa Hamilton's International Ballet Stars Gala


Collage of Melissa Hamilton (left) and Ryoichi Hirano (right) from The Royal Ballet

This gala promises a magical odyssey transcending language, inviting audiences worldwide to immerse in the universal language of dance.

Get ready for Melissa Hamilton's International Ballet Stars Gala, a mesmerising combination of emotion, skill, and spectacle. Renowned dancers from The Royal Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, and more, alongside our very own Singapore Ballet, promise a weekend of pure enchantment. From Melissa Hamilton to Ryoichi Hirano, witness ballet's brightest stars shine with excerpts spanning classical gems to cutting-edge choreography. This showcase unveils how dance speaks louder than words, connecting us all in a celebration of human spirit and creativity. 


Melissa Hamilton's International Ballet Stars Gala is happening from 23 to 24 March 2024 at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets are priced from $32.

5. Masterclasses with Melissa Hamilton and Yasmine Naghdi


Collage of Melissa Hamilton (left) and Yasmine Naghdi (right)

Prepare to dance, learn, and glean inspiration from luminaries of The Royal Ballet in two exclusive masterclasses!

Step into the world of The Royal Ballet with exclusive masterclasses led by stars Melissa Hamilton and Yasmine Naghdi. With three decades of combined stage mastery, Melissa and Yasmine infuse their classes with a contagious passion for teaching, nurturing budding talents to soar to new heights. Melissa's masterclass, tailored for dancers aged 10 and above, invites both genders with at least five years of ballet experience, or equivalent proficiency, while Yasmine's session, tailored for dancers aged 13 and above with eight years of training or equivalent, promises a deeper dive into technique. Cap off the experience with a post-class photo session, capturing memories to cherish long after the final bow. 

Masterclass with Melissa Hamilton and Yasmine Naghdi are both running on 24 March 2024 at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio. Tickets are priced at $70. 

Discover the magic of dance through themed weekends this da:ns focus 2024/25.

Whether you're a dance newbie or a seasoned pro, da:ns focus promises to ignite your passion and spark new connections. Stay with us as Catch gets ready to dive into the next themed weekend to bring you through exciting new worlds in the domain of dance! 

All images are credited to Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.


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