A New Theatre Company Takes The Stage: Episode 7 Theatre Film

Published on 14 March 2024
By Team Catch

Another “corporate warrior” set out to excite Singapore’s theatre scene. Let us explain: we spoke with Episode 7 Theatre Film’s founder and director Rahul Ghai, who follows the path of luminaries who have augmented their corporate life with being involved in the Singapore theatre scene: Pangdemonium’s Adrian Pang, Dream Academy’s Selena Tan were once lawyers. The playwrights Eleanor Wong and Amanda Chong are also legal eagles.

Ghai is not quite the advocate nor solicitor, but we asked him a few questions to find out why he called himself a “corporate warrior by day, theatre maker by night”, and why he chose to take on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play with an unorthodox cast.

So, by “corporate warrior”, Ghai means that he moves “memos, numbers, e-mail, spreadsheets, documents, presentation decks” so that your “favourite shirts, shoes and so on get to you on time”. In short, he works in the apparel industry during the day.

Profile shot of Rahul Ghai

A master of juggling his time, Rahul is able to pursue his love for theatre on top of his day job.

However, Ghai was never really far from theatre. Ever since his days at the National University of Singapore, from 2008, he was either acting, writing, directing or being a stage crew member. It has only taken him another fourteen years to take the leap and set up his own production company, Episode 7 Theatre Film, and stage his first original play “Copy Paste”, in 2022. 


Taking Inspiration From The Corporate World

Ghai felt that Glengarry Glen Ross was the perfect second play for the fledgling company. Set against the backdrop of a cutthroat corporate world, there was much to draw on from the founding director’s own experience, or as he puts it, “a very rich source of humour, tragedy, conflict.”


Mid shot of two actresses from Glengarry Glen Ross during rehearsal

Finding humour within the turmoil of the corporate world was Rahul Ghai’s goal.

What also appealed to Ghai was the playwright David Mamet’s trademark dialogue style, known as “Mamet-speak” - fast, clever, edgy, and almost rap-like. Ghai revealed he was a rapper in his teenage years as well. We’ll have a surplus of rap dialogue in the coming months with Hamilton landing on our shores this year, but it does bode well too, for the Singapore theatre scene, with Glengarry Glen Ross featuring an almost all-female cast. 


This willingness to experiment, challenge stereotypes, and push boundaries, and to “nourish and entertain audiences time and again, with every passion and humility”, as Ghai puts it, is what we’d cheer Episode 7 Theatre Film on for all their future endeavours!


Full frontal shot of Rahul Ghai in costume onstage

Stay tuned to what Rahul Ghai has up his sleeves for 2024!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Episode 7 Theatre & Film right and their future productions right here on Catch! 

All images are credited to Episode 7 Theatre Film. 

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