Catch Recommends: 5 arts and culture finds for the family in Singapore this March holiday!

Published on 29 February 2024
By Team Catch

How time flies! As February’s festivities slowly begin wrapping up, Catch is getting ready to March on into the next month, where a diverse selection of arts and culture events await for folks of all ages. And with the March holidays in the midst of it from 9 to 17 March 2024, what better way to spend quality family bonding time? Here are our top five picks of exciting events that will take you and the family on an immersive journey into the world of arts and culture. 


1. A galactic adventure awaits in Shining in Space

Event visual of Shining in Space

Take a journey among the stars on a musically symphonic adventure with Shining and Star.

Talents hailing from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and the Singapore Youth Philharmonic Orchestra are ready to take you on a musical odyssey as Shining and her trusty stuffed toy sidekick Star (who magically comes to life!) embark on a cosmic, musical escapade when her precious journal faces obliteration. Get ready for an out-of-this-world journey filled with enchanting melodies, captivating tales, and mind-bending visuals as you and your little ones join Shining as she crafts unforgettable moments, befriends stellar companions, and unravels celestial enigmas. 

Shining in Space is happening on 9 March 2024 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets are priced at $25.

2. Re-discover childhood with the award-winning Matilda The Musical

Wide shot of the cast of Matilda The Musical performing onstage

Roald Dahl’s classic tale booms to life through the vivacious expression of a brilliant young girl’s story in Matilda The Musical.

Enter the whimsical world of Matilda The Musical, a dazzling masterpiece born from the genius of Roald Dahl and brought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Company. With Dennis Kelly's ingenious storytelling and Tim Minchin's catchy tunes, this show follows the incredible journey of a pint-sized powerhouse named Matilda. Armed with nothing but her imagination and intellect, she fearlessly challenges the status quo and shapes her own destiny. With a whopping 101 international awards under its belt (including 24 for Best Musical), Matilda has been wowing audiences on London's glittering West End and beyond for more than a decade. Join the adventure and let Matilda inspire you to defy the odds and rewrite your own story! 


Matilda The Musical is running from 9 March 2024 to 7 April 2024 at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets are priced from $68.


3. Turn old garments into artistic treasure at Craft Workshop: Weave with Izziyana

Close up of a pair of hands weaving a piece of artwork

Learn the art of weaving (no experience needed!) with Izziyana Suhaimi. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Get ready to embark on a creative adventure with Izziyana Suhaimi, the artist behind Can you see the forest for the trees? from National Gallery Singapore’s Children Biennale! Join her for an exciting weaving workshop as Izziyana demonstrates her weaving wizardry, showing you clever techniques to upcycle unwanted garments into funky, one-of-a-kind objects, and teach you and your little ones how to turn old clothes into new treasures. Grab your tickets now for this two-hour session packed with creativity and fun and be equipped to continue your crafting journey at home!  


Craft Workshop: Weave with Izziyana is happening on 9 March 2024 at City Hall Wing, B1, Auditorium Anteroom, National Gallery Singapore. Tickets are priced at $5.


4. Music, nature, and tech all rolled into one in Musical Plants (Parent-Child Workshop)


Wide shot of two parents watching their child interact with The Plants installation

It’s a harmonious adventure like no other as parent and child explore the art of music through nature. Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Welcome to The Plants—an innovative interactive installation that magically transforms your leafy friends into dynamic instruments. Join us for a one-of-a-kind parent-child workshop where Mother Nature meets cutting-edge technology, and ordinary house plants become extraordinary musical maestros. In this workshop, parent and child will explore creative exercises blending music, art, design, and tech, culminating in the creation of your very own musical masterpieces. And the best part? No musical background required—just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity and get ready to compose some botanical symphonies together!  


Musical Plants (Parent-Child Workshop) is running from 14 to 16 March 2024 at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio. Tickets are priced at $20.


5. Dive into a symphony of discovery at SSO Concerts for Children: Sleepover at the Museum

Event visual of SSO Concerts for Children: Sleepover at the Museum

What goes on after dark when you celebrate your birthday with a sleepover at the museum? Find out with this classical music concert!

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday inside a museum? Join Mason and his crew on an epic journey led by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, where music and science collide in a thrilling scavenger hunt through the exhibits. Inspired by the imaginative book from composer and author Karen LeFrak, an advocate for kids' education through music and stories, this concert is a must for museum enthusiasts and young adventurers alike. Plus, it's the perfect gateway to the world of classical music! With the orchestra setting the stage, accompanied by a captivating narrator and stunning visuals, get ready for a birthday bash unlike any other!  


SSO Concerts for Children: Sleepover at the Museum is happening on 16 March 2024 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets are priced from $25. 


Get ready to March your way into a slew of exciting arts and culture activities for families of all ages! 

Not only are the March holidays the perfect time to spend with the family, it’s also a great way to recharge before diving back into regular routines. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the status quo; stay tuned for even bigger arts and culture events coming your way as Catch takes you through the best of the best things to Catch in 2024! 


Top image credit: Base Entertainment


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