Dive into the realm of visual arts with 40 beautiful and thought-provoking exhibitions at the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend 2023

Published on 15 September 2023
By Team Catch


Get ready for a thrilling rendezvous with the arts in Singapore! The Lion City's vibrant arts scene is all set to dazzle art lovers and collectors worldwide. Brought to life by the Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS), the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend runs from 15 September to 1 October 2023 and is a vibrant ode to Singapore's diverse arts and culture scene.

Brace yourself for an electrifying showcase of contemporary art by both international and local maestros, forging connections between the arts and audiences. Here are five exhibitions to look out for that are 100% Catch-worthy!

1. Spaces In-Between by Israfil Ridhwan at Cuturi Gallery

Wide shot of walkway featuring paintings from Spaces In-Between by Israfil Ridhwan

A deep dive into the labyrinth of cause and effect – are you ready to get lost in Israfil Ridhwan’s paintings? Image credit: Cuturi Gallery

Cuturi Gallery proudly unveils Spaces In-Between by Israfil Ridhwan, a young Singaporean prodigy born in 1999. Israfil's encore solo act at the gallery since his first show The Divine Comedy in 2021 is a dive deep into the mind-bending world of cause and effect. Using oil paints, he turns the mundane into a kaleidoscope of connection, sensuality, and pure, unfiltered emotion. Each canvas unveils a fusion of art and reality, mirroring the human journey—melancholy, introspection, and self-discovery. Prepare for a visual voyage, and be seduced by Israfil's unique blend of love, inspiration, and homage - all with a Frida Kahlo twist!

Experience the beauty of Spaces In-Between from now until 1 October 2023 at the Cuturi Gallery, 61 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199937. Admission is free.

2. a minor parallax by Hazel Lim at Art Porters Gallery

Wide shot of exhibition displays from a minor parallax

Marvel over the art of paper origami and beautiful colours in Hazel Lim’s works. Image credit: Art Porters Gallery

Prepare to embark on a mesmerising journey as Hazel Lim's a minor parallax delves into the artistry of perception shifts and the magic of colours. This solo exhibit is a mind-bending exploration of colours, paper origami, and the wonders of the natural world, from the mystical parallax errors to shimmering refractions and the enigmatic Fata Morgana. Within her paper tapestries, she wields the art of paper origami, orchestrating a delicate dance between light and shadow, and her origami books spin painterly tales of pigments. a minor parallax invites you to dive into a whirlwind of possibilities, offering fresh perspectives at every turn. This is an artistic adventure you won't want to miss! 

a minor parallax runs from now until 8 October 2023 at Art Porters Gallery, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore 088652. Admission is free.

3. Dancing with the Cosmos: Three Decades of Work from Kumari Nahappan at The Private Museum

Visual with event details of Dancing with the Cosmos: Three Decades of Work from Kumari Nahappan

It’s a mesmerising swirl of colours in various visual artistic forms. Image credit: The Private Museum

You’re in for a cosmic art journey – Dancing with the Cosmos: Three Decades of Work from Kumari Nahappan unveils the mesmerising 30-year artistic odyssey of Singaporean luminary Kumari Nahappan, curated by John Z.W. Tung. With over 50 captivating pieces, including monumental installations, paintings, and sculptures, some unseen since the '90s, this exhibit is inspired by Hindu cyclical time and organises artworks by colour, not chronology, revealing Nahappan's vibrant, interconnected practice. Immerse in her colourful cosmos and explore countless universes and their cycles in this cosmic art spectacle.

An ethereal journey awaits through Dancing with the Cosmos: Three Decades of Work from Kumari Nahappan from now until 22 October 2023 at The Private Museum, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120. Admission is free.

4. Historia by Natee Utarit at Richard Koh Fine Art

Wide shot of paintings from Historia featured on right-angle walls

Take a peek into history and discover Natee Utarit’s art of self-exploration. Image credit: Richard Koh Fine Art

Richard Koh Fine Art presents Historia, a solo exhibition by the acclaimed Thai artist Natee Utarit that dives deep into the pursuit of knowledge and the past. Historia is the pinnacle of Utarit's Hierarchy of Painting series, weaving together the threads of tradition and identity in 24 masterful paintings. It's a window to history, merging the old with the new. Utarit's love for art publications takes centre stage, tracing his artistic evolution from encountering legends like de Kooning and Pollock to his father's literary influence. For an exploration of art, history, and self-discovery, embark on an artistic odyssey as Historia paints a vivid narrative of Utarit's life and his enduring dedication to his craft.

Historia by Natee Utarit runs from now until 30 September 2023 at Richard Koh Fine Art, Blk 47 Malan Road, #01-26, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444. Admission is free.

5. This is Hers at BOL Gallery

Wide shot of a painting mounted on a wall between two staircases

Talk about girl power! This is Hers invites you to step into the cycle of Korean womanhood. Image credit: Art Galleries Association Singapore

BOL Gallery brings to you This is Hers, a dynamic group exhibition featuring eight contemporary Korean female artists making waves in Korea and Singapore. These artists dive headfirst into the whirlpool of female identity and perspective, each with a unique style. Yet, they all share the vibrant thread of Korean womanhood, challenging our understanding of their modern world view. This exhibition is a celebration of the intricate lives and experiences of women, manifested through art that's both outwardly bold and introspectively profound. Embark on a thrilling journey of creativity and empowerment as we salute the struggles, achievements, and transformative impact of Korean women on the arts, culture, and society.


Check out This is Hers from now until 15 October 2023 at BOL Gallery, 19 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169348. Admission is free.

An immersive journey through Singapore's visual tapestry like never before

AGAS brings an exciting repertoire of the visual arts to Singapore and the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend brings plenty of colour and life to all your weekends until October. Mark your calendars and feast your eyes on an array of visual stimulations by these incredible artists while you can! 

Top image credit: Art Galleries Association Singapore


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