Catching The Best of Singaporean Talent with Hear65’s I Play SG Music

Published on 09 January 2024
By Team Catch

We’ve got a bustling local music scene - you might have noticed it with our buskers, and we had no problems assembling composers, producers, rappers and singers on our Just Catch music video. And the good news is that we’re about to hear more from our local artists.


Hear65, a collaborative music movement between the National Arts Council (NAC) and Bandwagon has rolled out a refreshed playlist featuring 49 tracks from over 50 Singaporean artists as part of the I Play SG Music campaign. This is a mission to spotlight the incredible musical talent we have to offer, and includes artists like Shelby Wang, Syaz Smooth, The Great Spy Experiment, Haven, and more.


What’s even more exciting is the fact that SMRT is again on board to bring this to public spaces, and you will hear I Play SG Music at 125 MRT and LRT stations as well as bus interchanges across the island.

The I Play SG Music Collaboration

Launched in 2020, the I Play SG Music campaign has been a collaborative platform between the NAC, SMRT and Bandwagon for local artists to showcase their music to a wider audience. The campaign is back this year with a bang, unveiling a refreshed playlist that promises to be a sonic journey through the heart and soul of Singapore's music scene.

The Refreshed Playlist

Mid shot of Shelby Wang posing for the camera

Shelby Wang brings a pop of colour to the playlist with her uplifting vocals and snappy beats. Image credit: Cross Ratio Entertainment

The campaign's refreshed playlist is a treasure trove of musical gems, featuring both emerging talents and established acts. One of the standout artists on the playlist is Shelby Wang, a singer-songwriter known for her soulful and emotive vocals. Her track Bubble Eye is a beautiful, poppy piece that showcases her songwriting and vocal prowess. Syaz Smooth, another artist featured on the playlist, brings a unique blend of R&B and electronic influences to his music, while Linying charms with her dulcet vocals with Take Me To Your House.

Mid shot of the band members of The Great Spy Experiment posing for the camera

The Great Spy Experiment churns out bangers for those with a taste for alternative music. Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Meanwhile, indie-rock outfit The Great Spy Experiment returns to the scene after an eight-year hiatus, bringing their signature sound to the playlist with Sanctuary, an anthemic track that's sure to get listeners moving. Haven, known for her alternative rock sound, recently released a track called No Hard Feelings featuring Denise Julia. In all, this is an eclectic mix of genres and talents that represents the Singapore music scene.

Promoting Local Talent

Of course, the I Play SG Music campaign is more than just a playlist. It's a platform that actively promotes local talent through active collaboration. The campaign's partnership with SMRT is case in point, as it allows artists to reach thousands of daily commuters to the incredible music being produced right in their own backyard.

Stream I Play SG Music everywhere you go

This is just one of the ways of contributing to the growth and development of Singapore's music scene. Everyone can be a contributor, you just have to catch I Play SG Music’s refreshed playlists when you’re at your MRT station or bus interchange morning, noon or night.


Top image credit: Sony Music Entertainment, @theonlyhavenz on Instagram, and @syazsmooth on Instagram

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