Esplanade Presents | Mosaic Music Series – Charlie Burg and the Blue Wave Band (USA)

29 Nov 2023 (Wed)

$49.50 - $75.00

Esplanade Presents | Mosaic Music Series – Charlie Burg and the Blue Wave Band (USA)

29 Nov 2023 (Wed)

Date and Time

29 Nov 2023 : 20:00 - 21:30

Location / Links

Esplanade Concert Hall

$49.50 - $75.00


Event Details

Known for his eclectic taste in sounds and his unique literary flair, American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Burg makes his way to Esplanade for his first performance in Singapore. This Michigan-born artist first got the attention of indie music lovers through a steady string of lo-fi EPs and singles, which quickly became cult favourites for indie music lovers. After sharpening his pen and honing his unique sound, Burg released his debut album Infinitely Tall in 2022, and is now bringing it around the world for fans to hear live.

Infinitely Tall is about spaces—the ones that make, break, shape, and uplift us. It takes place across three chapters, each tied to a specific, precious locale: Chapter One in Charlie’s childhood home in Detroit, Chapter Two in Syracuse, at Charlie’s beloved college house and Chapter Three in the vast expanses of New York City. Each chapter is its own gorgeous, rose-tinted paean to home, or the feeling of home, wherever it may lie.

This album’s 15 generous, skyward-looking songs augments Burg’s bedrock of lo-fi soul and lush indie-pop with arresting new textures: the forward motion of driving post-punk, sparkling electronic abrasion, the melodic grip of romantic ‘90s indie-rock. Marrying the golden-era perfectionism of his early music with an enticing new fondness for chaos, the entirety of Charlie’s musical outlook comes to the fore.

Dazzling and teeming with life, Infinitely Tall is a surprising, wide-reaching next chapter for one of this generation’s most promising young songwriters. Built from the ground up, it’s an ode to home that, hopefully, feels like a home for you—wherever you may be.

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