Mother‘s Day Concert 2024 母亲节音乐会 2024 - 慈母心 [G]

10 May 2024 (Fri) -
11 May 2024 (Sat)

$28.50 - $98.00

Mother‘s Day Concert 2024 母亲节音乐会 2024 - 慈母心 [G]

10 May 2024 (Fri) - 11 May 2024 (Sat)

Date and Time

10 May 2024 : 19:30 - 20:50

11 May 2024 : 19:30 - 20:50

Location / Links

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall

$28.50 - $98.00


Event Details

The highly anticipated Mother's Day Concert is here again! SCO has specially curated a series of songs paying tribute to mothers, such as Lullabies, Along the Silk Road, Mvt V: Homeland Nostalgia, The Plum Blossom Story, and a medley of the works of Taiwanese composer Li Tai-hsiang. The highlight of the night is definitely the special appearance by Chyi Yu, a Taiwanese vocalist best known for her 1979 hit "The Olive Tree", who has charmed audiences all over the world with her euphonic voice. Expect a night of soulful emotion and truly enchanting performance, with your loved ones!

Admission Rule

Rating / Age Limit

-Rating: General

-No admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old

-Children 6 years and above must purchase ticket for entry

-Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Late Seating Advisory

-Please be seated 15 minutes before the performance start time.

-There will be no admission into the venue once the performance has commenced.

-Admission may only be permitted during a suitable pause, depending on the nature of the performance.

Photography / Video Recording Rules

-Non-flash photography is allowed for this event.

-No unauthorised flash photography, video recording and audio recording is allowed for this event.

-Please note that photographs and videos of patrons may be taken at this event for use in our archival and publicity material.

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