Semangat yang baru: Forging a New Singapore Spirit

21 Apr 2023 (Fri) -
13 Nov 2023 (Mon)

Semangat yang baru: Forging a New Singapore Spirit

21 Apr 2023 (Fri) - 13 Nov 2023 (Mon)

Date and Time

13 Nov 2023 : 10:00 - 19:00

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National Museum of Singapore Exhibition Gallery 1

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Come, let us unite in a new spirit.
Marilah kita bersatu dengan semangat yang baru.

All Singaporeans know these words from the chorus of “Majulah Singapura”, our national anthem. The Semangat yang Baru: Forging a New Singapore Spirit exhibition captures the courage and dynamism of our early years, when the leaders and people of Singapore rallied together to build our fledgling nation between the 1950s and 1970s.

Explore lesser-known dilemmas that our founding generation faced as we boldly strove to build a society based on justice and equality. Guided by our foundational values of multiculturalism, integrity and openness, we confronted pressing questions of: What do we stand for? How do we move forward? Who could we be as a people?

Just as the Singapore spirit was born out of adversity over 50 years ago, this special exhibition presented by the Founders’ Memorial and National Museum of Singapore asks the question, what does semangat yang baru – the new spirit – mean to us today?

Look forward to an exciting array of programmes such as Behind the Scenes Curator tours, interactive bus tours, film-screenings and more. Look out also for programmes where you get to share your stories and take part in conversations that will help shape the Founders’ Memorial.

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Rating: General

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