Terapi Redari Rhythm and Rhyme Therapy

26 Nov 2023 (Sun)

Terapi Redari Rhythm and Rhyme Therapy

26 Nov 2023 (Sun)

Date and Time

26 Nov 2023 : 12:30 - 13:30

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Terapi Redari (Rentak dan Rima) ialah persembahan puisi Melayu Singapura oleh barisan deklamator generasi baharu. Diinspirasikan oleh tema Pesta, Plot Twist, para deklamator akan memperkenalkan gaya mereka yang unik dan interpretasi puisi-puisi pilihan mereka.

Program ini dikendalikan dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Terapi Redari (Rentak dan Rima) is a performance of Singapore Malay poetry by new generation of performers. Inspired by the festival's theme, Plot Twist, performer will introduce their own unique flair and interpretation to their chosen poems.

This programme is in Malay.

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