Red Dot Sky Whales

16 Jan 2024 (Tue) -
31 Jan 2024 (Wed)

Red Dot Sky Whales

16 Jan 2024 (Tue) - 31 Jan 2024 (Wed)

Date and Time

16 Jan 2024 : Full Day

17 Jan 2024 : Full Day

18 Jan 2024 : Full Day

19 Jan 2024 : Full Day

20 Jan 2024 : Full Day

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Inspired Arts, 11 Sam Leong Rd, level 2, Singapore 207903

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Event Details

Delve into the captivating world of "Red Dot Sky Whales" at Singapore Art Week 2024. This extraordinary exhibition, conceived and crafted by renowned artist Hamish Betts, is a testament to the creative fusion of art and sustainability.

As you step into the gallery, you'll be greeted by a breathtaking collection of majestic whales seemingly swimming through the sky. What makes this exhibition truly remarkable is the artist's commitment to environmental responsibility. Each sculpture is meticulously sculpted from reclaimed materials, including an abandoned kayak discovered during a beach cleanup on Changi Beach. Every piece is adorned with recycled materials, transforming discarded items into magnificent works of art.

The process behind "Red Dot Sky Whales" was a labor of love, spanning three months of dedication and ingenuity. Witness the transformation of waste into wonder as you explore this unique showcase. Join us in celebrating Hamish Betts' remarkable talent and commitment to sustainable art at this unforgettable event during Singapore Art Week 2024.

Admission Rule

All are welcomed at our space!

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