Angela (a strange loop)

23 May 2024 (Thu) -
24 May 2024 (Fri)

$38.00 - $78.00

Angela (a strange loop)

23 May 2024 (Thu) - 24 May 2024 (Fri)

Date and Time

23 May 2024 : 20:00 - 21:40

24 May 2024 : 20:00 - 21:40

Location / Links

Victoria Theatre

$38.00 - $78.00

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Event Details

ANGELA eats dinner with her boyfriend
ANGELA watches Netflix
ANGELA is in pain
ANGELA is no longer alone in her body
ANGELA talks to Susie
ANGELA's mother breastfeeds her as a baby
ANGELA disappears
“What makes ANGELA, ANGELA?”

ANGELA (a strange loop) is a close-up of a woman's life as she struggles to make sense of her existence. Join her in a thought-provoking journey as she navigates everyday situations: illness and recovery, waking and sleeping, giving birth and being born, ageing and death. ANGELA is made up of millions of experiences, many of which come from other people’s stories. Ultimately, she might be nothing but a strange loop, an endless sequence. The virtual and the real become blurred, while ANGELA attempts to construct herself and hold it together by repeating her stories. But what happens if we zoom in on ANGELA, closer and closer, to understand that self? What is hidden there?

With innovative use of technology and a compelling narrative, ANGELA (a strange loop) takes us on a deep dive into the fundamental questions of existence, identity, consciousness and the nature of reality. It is a poetic, social analysis through the lens of the diseased rather than the healthy. How can a community deal with the individual's experience of illness? How do we care for each other, when life comes to an end?

Admission Rule

1hr 40m

16 years and above

Contains strobe and video flickering effects

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