Book, Brand and Beyond: Unleash Your Literary IP

22 Feb 2024 (Thu) -
30 Mar 2024 (Sat)

$15.00 - $90.00

Book, Brand and Beyond: Unleash Your Literary IP

22 Feb 2024 (Thu) - 30 Mar 2024 (Sat)

Date and Time

22 Feb 2024 : 19:30 - 21:00

30 Mar 2024 : 15:00 - 18:00

Location / Links

90 Goodman Road, Blk E #03-32*, Goodman Arts Centre, S (439053)

$15.00 - $90.00

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Event Details

Talk Synopsis (22 February)
Discover the art of turning your book into a compelling intellectual property (IP) brand in this talk designed for authors, illustrators, and editors. Learn the crucial steps from a manuscript to a thriving literary brand, emphasising the cultivation of ideas and seamless integration into a cohesive branding strategy. Gain practical insights into crafting a distinctive and memorable literary experience.

Workshop Synopsis (30 March)
Define intellectual property within the context of books.
Welcome to the transformative workshop, "From Book to Brand," where we explore the dynamic intersection of literature and business. This comprehensive program is designed for authors, illustrators, and editors seeking to unlock the potential of their literary creations as powerful intellectual properties (IPs).

Workshop Objectives:
This workshop is the gateway to beta-testing fresh IP, and what better way to start than through a book? We'll lay the groundwork for a licensing-friendly future, empowering you to transform your literary creation into a valuable intellectual property. This workshop is not just about theoretical insights; it's about actionable steps to set your literary work on a trajectory towards becoming a sustainable IP.

This workshop is your passport to understanding the transformative journey from book to brand, inspired by the monumental successes of books in shaping some of the most celebrated film franchises. We believe this workshop will empower authors and publishers to navigate the dynamic landscape of intellectual property with confidence and strategic vision.

Admission Rule

The programme can be cancelled or postponed two weeks before the programme date if the minimum number of participants is not met. Participants will be fully refunded for workshops cancelled by us.
Participants who are unable to attend a workshop they have registered for are to inform us of the reason two weeks before the workshop date. They will be fully refunded in the event of extenuating and mitigating circumstances (E.g. illness, bereavement, accidents) . Those who inform us up to 5 working days before the workshop date will receive a 50% refund. Those who did not turn up at the workshop will not receive a refund.
Upon registration, you are deemed to have read and understood the cancellation and withdrawal policy and accept the terms contained therein.

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