Resounding Fervour《凤凰展翼》[G]

16 Mar 2024 (Sat)

$17.00 - $20.00

Resounding Fervour《凤凰展翼》[G]

16 Mar 2024 (Sat)

Date and Time

16 Mar 2024 : 19:00 - 20:00

Location / Links

Level 9 新加坡华族文化中心远东机构表演厅, 九楼,SCCC Far East Organization Auditorium

$17.00 - $20.00


Event Details

The third chapter of the Germination series, titiled Resounding Fervour, will highlight the passion and verve of youth Nanyin practitioners across Asia. Featuring youth practitioners from Singapore, China and Indonesia, this multi-country collaboration will vaunt an international Nanyin production that will captivate and enchant the audiences. Following the vision and mission of the Germination series, this production aims to inspire and spark the youth practitioners’ fervour by giving them a professional platform to showcase their art, allowing them to grow as budding Nanyin artists, and at the same time, cultivate bonds with one another.

The beloved story of The Tale of the Lychee and Mirror, a popular and renowned tale from the Ming Dynasty in Fujian, is the main inspiration behind this production. Narrating the life story of Chen San and Wu Niang through Nanyin, and an actor, who will travel across time and space to portray a contemporary adaptation. Using the traditional Nanyin songs written about Chen San Wu Niang in Nanyin, juxtaposed with famous poems written by female poets to explore the emotions of Wu Niang, this performance will be a compelling show of unity across time and region, reflecting not just the traditional aspects of the artform, but how it has adapted in today’s World.

Curated and planned by the principal artists of Siong Leng, this production will also feature Nanyin master and advisor of Siong Leng, Mr Cai Wei Biao from Shishi, China, as an additional mentor and guide for the youth practitioners and their craft. A multitude of workshops, master classes and rehearsals with Mr Cai will be held prior to the production, ensuring the smooth and impactful success of the production.

Join us on Resounding Fervour as we venture on the road of tradition with a modern twist.

Admission Rule

Rating / Age Limit

Rating: General
No admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old
Children 6 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is not allowed for this event.

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