An Evening with Rachmaninoff [G]

01 Mar 2024 (Fri)

$23.80 - $98.00

An Evening with Rachmaninoff [G]

01 Mar 2024 (Fri)
Orchestra Symphony

Date and Time

01 Mar 2024 : 19:30 - 21:30

Location / Links

Victoria Concert Hall

$23.80 - $98.00


Event Details

Musicians’ Initiative is pleased to present “An Evening with Rachmaninoff” featuring soloists Congyu Wang and Jonathan Kuo. A collaboration with Pianoisland, the program highlights Rachmaninoff's Second and Third Piano Concertos which stand as pinnacle achievements of the Romantic repertoire.

The Second Concerto, a monument of lush melodies and grandeur, embodies emotional depths and breathtaking virtuosity. The work depicts the struggles he faced and overcame, marking a significant turning point in his life. Its hauntingly beautiful themes and sweeping passages reflect Rachmaninoff's mastery in evoking profound sentiments. In contrast, the Third Concerto dazzles with its relentless energy and technical demands, showcasing the composer's maturity and innovation.

Admission Rule

Rating / Age Limit

- Rating: General

- No admission for infant in arms and children aged below 6 years old

- Children aged 6 and above must purchase a ticket for admission

- Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

- Camera without flash allowed

Late Seating Advisory

- Please be seated 15 minutes before performance's start time

- Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance

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