Lucky Cats

20 Jan 2024 (Sat) -
02 Mar 2024 (Sat)

Lucky Cats

20 Jan 2024 (Sat) - 02 Mar 2024 (Sat)

Date and Time

Daily : 10:00 - 22:00

Location / Links

I_S_L_A_N_D_S, Excelsior Shopping Centre, 5 Coleman Street, B1-07B, Singapore 179805

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Event Details

I_S_L_A_N_D_S beckons you to discover Lucky Cats, a group show inspired by the ever-present custodians of our humble space. Featuring works by numerous local artists, the exhibition explores the kinship between artists and felines, and how cats sustain our spiritual connection to art making and art looking. In all of their nine lives, cats bring a myriad of symbolic dimensions — independence, curiosity, freedom of spirit — and a touch of magic that ever so lightly impresses upon our souls. This exhibition is also a love letter to the fiercely independent artistic community that has supported I_S_L_A_N_D_S since its inception. Lucky cats, aren’t we all? In the spirit of giving back, we hope that you will consider acquiring original artwork from this show. 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Cat Welfare Society.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Pey Chuan Tan

Admission Rule

Free Admission

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