4hr Rug Tufting Workshop

01 Jan 2024 (Mon) -
01 Jan 2025 (Wed)


4hr Rug Tufting Workshop

01 Jan 2024 (Mon) - 01 Jan 2025 (Wed)

Date and Time

Daily : Full Day

Location / Links

Orchard Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road, #02-06, Singapore 239695


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Event Details

This is an immersive 4-hour tufting workshop where our skilled in-house tufters will provide expert guidance as you create your own unique 70x70cm tufted rug.

Learn the art of tufting from start to finish, mastering the tufting gun, design transfer onto the monk’s cloth, refining your technique, and adding the finishing touches to your bespoke masterpiece.

We will provide the following for you:

- facilitation
- a tufting gun
- monk’s cloth
- 62 coloured cotton-blended yarns
- rug tufting frames
- fabric glue
- backing finishes
- projectors are available to help in sketching your design

Processing Time: After drying and finishing, processing time before you get your completed rug takes about 4-5 weeks, with no delivery charge!

**The studio is launching a "Best Rug Award" from April onwards! Book a workshop in April and stand a chance to win the Best Rug Award + 2x Universal Tickets!!!

Admission Rule

Children under 12 must have signed indemnity forms and parental supervision.

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