Brave New Jokes

25 Apr 2024 (Thu)


Brave New Jokes

25 Apr 2024 (Thu)

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25 Apr 2024 : 19:30 - 22:00

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Ready to unleash your inner heckler without remorse?
Introducing Singapore's first new material heckle comedy show!
Tired of the same tired jokes? Eager to call out comics recycling punchlines?
Then this is the show for you!
Watch as 10 comedians nervously test their latest jokes LIVE for the very first time, and if they dare to fall back on old material, you have full permission to rain down your comedic wrath upon them!
Once the flag waves, let your inner heckler shine, shout, and yell at them as if they were your insufferable boss or estranged dad. And guess what? No guilt here – they signed up for this, and they might even thank you for the nudge.
It's a win-win – fresh laughs or a satisfying outlet for your frustration!

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