SOTA Art Gallery

01 Jan 2024 (Mon) -
01 Jan 2025 (Wed)

SOTA Art Gallery

01 Jan 2024 (Mon) - 01 Jan 2025 (Wed)

Date and Time

01 Jan 2024 : Full Day

Location / Links

School of the Arts (SOTA)

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Event Details

A 450m2 space at the gateway to Singapore's arts and entertainment district, the SOTA Art Gallery is designed as a white box that provides an ideal backdrop for exhibits and displays. Located strategically along a public thoroughfare, it conveniently occupies the same level (2nd storey) as the formal entrance drop off, with direct access to the loading/unloading bay. The SOTA Art Gallery is supported by an informal performance area in its generous foyer space as well as adjacent back of house administrative and storage spaces.

The gallery features a 3.6m high ceiling and is fitted with a professional adjustable track lighting system. Operable walls along the facade further provide flexibility for the Art Gallery to be infused with natural daylight through a feature curtain wall if desired.

Admission Rule

Rating: General

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