Christoph Prégardien sings Schubert's "Die schöne Müllerin"

12 Nov 2024 (Tue)

$21.25 - $98.00

Christoph Prégardien sings Schubert's "Die schöne Müllerin"

12 Nov 2024 (Tue)

Date and Time

12 Nov 2024 : 20:15 - 22:00

Location / Links

Victoria Concert Hall

$21.25 - $98.00

Event Details

“In the vast Schubert lieder discography, Christoph Prégardien’s is my desert-island choice for a highly cultivated yet quite personal tenor-voice foray into Schubert’s world.“ (Gramophone)Tenor Christoph Prégardien and pianist Michael Gees are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, among the greatest interpreters of Schubert’s song cycle “Die schöne Müllerin” (The Fair Maid of the Mill). The cycle deals with a period in the life of a young miller lad as he wanders along a stream in search of work; he meets a mill-girl and falls in love with her; then loses her to another man and, in deep despair, drowns himself in the millstream. “Die schöne Müllerin” – consisting of twenty songs – is an amazing compendium of the human psyche which deals with the miller’s emotions as he finds, and then loses, his love.
PROGRAMMESCHUBERT – Die schöne Müllerin, Op. 25, D. 795(Programme subject to change at the artist’s discretion)

Admission Rule

Rating / Age Limit
- Rating: General
- No admission for infant in arms and children aged below 7 years old;
- Children aged 7 and above must purchase a ticket for admission
- Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules
- Photography, Video Recording and Audio Recording are strictly prohibited during the performance

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