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Catch of the month: Experience a multidisciplinary journey this April 2024

2 mins read

This April, Catch is thrilled to present a curated selection of multidisciplinary acts designed to ignite your senses and inspire your soul. With compelling theatre narratives and mesmerising opera masterpieces, our lineup promises an unforgettable experience for all!

1. Olga Peretyatko’s A Night at the Opera

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Soprano Olga Peretyatko has charmed audiences all over the world with her truly enchanting and luxurious voice. Accompanied by the acclaimed Mikhail Agrest and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, join her for a night featuring the most cherished vocal pieces from the French and Italian repertory.

Catch Olga Peretyatko’s A Night at the Opera here!

2. da:ns focus’ EveryBody weekend

This year's EveryBody weekend aims to challenge the often emphasised notion of the 'perfect body' in dance. With high-quality works that focus on and celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and participation, everybody and every body is welcome to gain new perspectives on what it means to dance and what it means to be human. 

Catch da:ns focus’ EveryBody weekend here!
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3. TAHA by Amer Hlehel

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Discover "TAHA" by Amer Hlehel, a powerful tribute to Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali, and experience the resilience, love, and enduring spirit of his people through his moving poetry. Follow Taha's remarkable journey from a humble shopkeeper in Palestine to a celebrated poet on the world stage.

Catch TAHA here!

4. Hiroshi Senju: Between Movement and Stillness

Explore the breathtaking paintings of internationally renowned artist Hiroshi Senju, celebrated worldwide for his monumental Waterfalls. Offering a fresh view of his signature series, including monochromatic, fluorescent, multi-coloured, and platinum-pigment Waterfalls, this exhibition aims to shine a light on the evolution and nuances of his Waterfall works.

Catch Hiroshi Senju: Between Movement and Stillness here!
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5. In Sanga’s Senses: Poetries of the Human Experience

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Embark on an enchanting journey through timeless Sangam literature, brought to life with a captivating fusion of literature, live music, and storytelling. Immerse yourself in the universal themes of love, courage, and triumph, resonating across cultures and generations, as you explore how the human experience surpasses the five senses.

Catch In Sanga’s Senses: Poetries of the Human Experience here!

Let April be the month where you explore Singapore's diverse arts scene

From opera's grandeur to theatre's emotional depth, from music's harmonies to dance's grace, there's a wide range of experiences waiting for you. Don't miss the chance to explore this captivating world of arts and culture today!

Image credits: Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Theatre Company, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Arts House Limited

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