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A Vibrant Community of Catch Creators

Are you a content creator? Lover of the arts? Always on the lookout for the coolest arts and culture events to see and be seen at? Then this is your moment to shine.

As part of our Catch Creator Community, you’ll get first dibs to arts and culture happenings in Singapore, exclusive behind-the-scenes access to some seriously cool events, and opportunities to mingle with like-minded creators who share the same passion.

Be where the action is and create compelling content in the most vibrant settings. From electrifying concerts, captivating exhibitions, lively festivals to enriching workshops – be part of it all! Make your mark. Be the voice of Catch.

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What Wee Liang Said

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Catch is really helpful in being a one-stop platform for me to discover arts and culture activities in Singapore! I get to attend plenty of events, exposing me to various types of arts and culture!

What Rong Said

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I love being a Catch Creator! I’ve been able to attend some truly wonderful arts and culture events that Catch curated for me. It’s been a privilege to spread the good word through my captured moments.

What Oishani Said

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Before Catch, I never knew there was so much to explore around the city. Now, I never run out of things to do and always have exciting ideas for dates <3


From concerts to exhibitions, festivals to workshops — we've got a vibrant array of events just waiting for you to explore! Leave us to recommend those that perfectly match your interests.

As frequently as you'd like to join in on the fun! We’ll curate events for you on a monthly basis, and reach out when we find something we think you’d enjoy.

That’ll be nice, but not a must. As long as you enjoy creating content, attending great events, and are game to explore Singapore’s arts and culture landscape, we want you!

Share your experiences across your preferred social media platforms with at least 1 feed post. Whether it's a photo dump, or an exciting video reel — your choice!

Spot your own content on the Catch website and social platforms, with credits to you, of course!
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