Catch Recommends: Top 10 buskers in Singapore to check out and where you can find them

Published on 18 December 2023
By Team Catch

When it comes to the arts and culture scene in Singapore, talent comes in several forms, be it on the stage, through the screen, or roving around the streets. Speaking of the latter, busking holds a special place in our hearts due to its vibrancy and accessibility, where folks of all ages are able to catch talented performers in public spaces across the island. From singing songs from various genres to street theatre and even poetry writing, here are our top 10 local buskers to Catch!

1. Ang Ben Wei

Close up of Ang Ben Wei typing on a typewriter

Come by with a story or prompt and walk away with a beautifully personalised poem. Image credit: @gasolinensugar on Instagram

Take a walk along The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands outside or stroll down the streets of Orchard and if you’re in luck, you just might catch a teenager at a booth armed with a typewriter. Ang Ben Wei is unlike the buskers you see belting out tunes. Rather, he spins prompts or stories given by his audience into customised poems within a span of 20 minutes. While the literature student is focused on his studies, he makes time in his schedule to set up his booth and enchant audiences with his beautifully spun words. 

Catch Ang Ben Wei’s busking schedule here.

2. The ETC

Wide shot of Joey Wee and Tristan Ong at a busking spot

Can you spy The ETC around the heartlands? Image credit: @xzrd.theetc on Instagram

If you’ve frequented the heartlands often enough, you probably would have come across The ETC at least once. Comprising Tristan Ong and Joey Wee, the power duo have charmed elderly folks, families with kids, and teenagers with a variety of classic Mandarin, Cantonese, and English songs. In 2023, The ETC came out on top as the winners of Mediacorp’s reality show Battle of the Buskers. Tristan himself had also composed songs for artists such as local talent Joi Chua and Taiwanese singer Jeff Wang, while Joey was crowned champion of Mediacorp’s Suria’s singing competition 90an Gerek

Catch The ETC’s busking schedule

3. CJ The Bubble Girl

Wide shot of Caroline performing

Prepare to be mesmerised by bubbles of all shapes and sizes in an ethereally visual spectacle. Image credit: @cjthebubblegirl on Instagram

Meet Caroline Cornelius-Jones, the bubbleologist extraordinaire with 12 years of bubbly brilliance! Bubble busking at its finest, Caroline aka CJ The Bubble Girl crafts cube-shaped wonders, intricate sculptures, and human-sized orbs that make even adults rediscover their inner child. While CJ The Bubble Girl’s popularity has vastly expanded into wowing folks at birthday parties and corporate events, be sure to keep your eyes peeled—Clarke Quay or Cyclist Park might just bubble up with her magic!


Catch CJ The Bubble Girl’s busking schedule here.

4. Cloud & Party

Mid shot of Krystal and Jayden holding up a sign at a busking spot in Somerset

Sway along to the tunes of JJ Lin, Jay Chou, and more with Cloud & Party. Image credit: Cloud & Party

Mandopop fans, assemble! Having done live performances since their university days in 2017, dynamic duo Cloud & Party enjoy singing and playing popular Mandopop tunes by artists such as JJ Lin, Jay Chou, and Eric Chou. They also occasionally throw in hit English pop songs that they can’t resist covering and can be found busking in various locations from central areas to the heartlands. Take a peek at their Youtube channel to see the repertoire of songs they have performed but of course, you wouldn’t want to miss hearing them live and in the flesh. 

Catch Cloud & Party’s busking schedule here.

5. Lyla Ng

Wide shot of Lyla Ng posing with Sheng Li and an audience at a busking spot

Meet the 10-year-old busker who’s been making waves for her talented singing and skills with various musical instruments. Image credit: @lylahzn on Instagram

It’s never too early to kickstart your musical journey, and Lyla Ng has done just that with her busking debut. The 10-year-old singer is certainly multi-talented with not just her ability to belt out tunes in both English and Mandarin, but her talent in playing various instruments like the piano, drums, and bass guitar, and even songwriting. The daughter of local producer and songwriter Eric Ng, the young busker has always had music in her blood and balances her time to further hone her skills. From covers of popular artists like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo to Mandarin oldies like Yao Surong’s ‘Jin Tian Bu Hui Jia’, Lyla still captures the hearts of locals and tourists alike to this day, 

Catch Lyla Ng’s busking schedule here.

6. Michelle Chua

Mid shot of Michella Chua playing the guzheng

Prepare to get whisked away into another time by the soothing sounds of Michella Chua on the guzheng. Image credit: Michelle Chua

For two decades, guzheng performer and instructor Michelle Chua has dazzled audiences with her impeccable skills and captivating performance flair. Beyond the grandeur of concert halls, Michelle effortlessly bridges tradition and modernity, ensuring her artistry resonates on both stages and bustling streets. Once you catch the soothing melodies of the Chinese zither at locations like Suntec City and various neighbourhood spots such as Bedok, it will instantly take you on an unparalleled journey through time. 

Catch Michelle Chua’s busking schedule here.

7. Silver Hype

Wide shot of Davidson Teo on the guitar and Gillian Goh singing

Get hyped up with Silver Hype as they belt out Hokkien and Cantonese tunes. Image credit: AIC Stories

Just like it’s never too early to realise your musical dreams, it’s never too late either. From colleagues in the insurance industry to friends for over 30 years, Gillian Goh and Davidson Teo took their relationship to the next level–as a phenomenal busker duo. Named after their silver hair (and no doubt, infectious energy), Silver Hype first shot to viral fame on TikTok and has since garnered quite the fanbase who gather to hear Davidson on the guitar and Gillian crooning to Hokkien and Cantonese tunes, with the occasional English oldie for good measure. The best part of seeing them perform? It’s the amount of heart they put into each song. 

Catch Silver Hype’s busking schedule

8. Sheng Li

Mid shot of Sheng Li smiling with a guitar and mic stand

All hail the Busk King! Sheng Li’s talents go beyond the streets and wows audiences at weddings as well. Image credit: @guitarstreet on Instagram

Guitar teacher turned street serenader, Sheng Li discovered his musical passion while enchanting the streets with impromptu performances. In 2023, after seven years of busking, he entered UFM100.3's Busking Battle and secured the coveted title of "Busk King." Beyond belting out the likes of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran to audiences on the streets, Sheng Li often collaborates with fellow musicians and continues sharing his passion for guitar through online courses on his Youtube channel. He has but one mission: to turn every chord into a melody of joy. 

Catch Sheng Li’s busking schedule here.

9. T & J

Wide shot of Tango and Jean posing with a guitar and harmonica


T & J brings forth a medley of harmony from the harmonica, guitar and melodious singing. Image credit: Tanjo and Jean

Also known as Tango and Jean, the two friends are often seen livening the streets up with their performances of the classics and dialect songs. Tango (aka Tang Yuen Wei) impresses audiences through his skills with the harmonica and guitar, while Jean proceeds to sweep them off their feet with her sweet vocals. Their harmonious blend of melodies has won them crowds both on the streets and at grassroots concerts. The pair has expressed their desire to increase the number of busking performances so be sure to head down to experience one of them before the year is over! 

Catch T & J’s busking schedule here.

10. Jonquil Woon

Mid shot of Jonquil Woon alongside Zulfikaar onstage

Multi-talented artist Jonquil Woon can be spotted around Singapore busking solo or alongside her partner in JQ x ZUL Zulfikaar. Image credit: @jay_queee on Instagram

A talent at singing, songwriting, and playing the guitar, Jonquil Woon has accumulated many fans who flock to her selected busking locations (mostly around the Orchard ‘hood) for a chance to catch her crooning out tunes with her beautiful voice. While she’s certainly able to hold her own ground, put her with fellow musician Zulfikaar and you have an even stronger musical performance when they’re out busking together as JQ x ZUL. The duo has also recently released their debut single Find Me across streaming platforms. Whether you’re catching them as a pair or Jonquil going solo, it’s definitely worth stopping for. 


Catch Jonquil Woon’s busking schedule here

Discover artistic talent all around you with more than 10 new busking spots in Singapore

More spaces for arts and culture? We’ve got you! More precisely, the National Arts Council does. From December 2023 onwards, more than 10 new busking spots will be introduced for existing and new buskers to reach the public with their talented acts. This provides more opportunities for talent to be discovered by wider audiences, especially with the addition of locations with high traffic have been added to the list. Here is the list of new busking locations that you can find around Singapore:

  • Cineleisure

  • Somerset Youth Park

  • Somerset Skate Park

  • Bugis+

  • The Plaza at the National Library Building on Victoria Street

  • Riverside Point Fountain*

  • Singapore River Read Bridge*

  • Lau Pat Sat

  • Nee Soon N4 Pavilion 

  • Singapore Sports Hub - Outside Exit A of Stadium MRT Station

  • Singapore Sports Hub - Stadium Waterfront Boardwalk

  • One North - Space outside Starbucks near Fusionopolis Drop-off Point


*Prioritised for larger acts


Whether you’re a constant fan of a particular busker or happen to catch them while strolling around Singapore, do remember to show your love and appreciation by giving them a round of applause or giving them a cash token. Each and every busker will undoubtedly appreciate it and your support fuels their passion and talent—keep the street vibes alive!


Top image credit: National Arts Council 

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