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Chinese Calligraphy

4 mins read

Chinese calligraphy, or shufa (书法) — translated literally as “method of writing” — is a means of writing Chinese characters in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This form of artistic expression has a rich history dating back thousands of years. During China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), calligraphy was considered an important subject at the prestigious Imperial College, and it remained a criterion for the imperial examinations even in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 CE).

It evolved as an art form in the Song dynasty (960-1279 CE). During that period, poetry writing was combined with visual art practices using the Chinese brush. By that time, it had also become common to place calligraphic couplets at household doors, especially during Chinese New Year. This custom is still popular today, in the same way that calligraphy remains highly esteemed across East Asia.

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