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The word Chingay is derived from the Mandarin word 妆艺 (zhuangyi) which means the art of costume and masquerade in Hokkien dialect. Chingay – a festival which has long roots in Singapore’s cultural history has grown to become one of the most significant events in the country’s socio-cultural calendar. Today, Chingay is commemorated through an elaborate parade cherished by Singaporeans across ethnic communities. The parade is renowned for its dazzling display of floats, intricate props and structures, and cultural performances from Singapore and the world over. Usually held during the second week of the Chinese New Year, Chingay is celebrated by Singaporeans, residents, and international participants alike. The commemoration of Chingay in Singapore offers a glimpse into the dynamism of Singapore's multi-culturalism and a unique blend of tradition, innovation, arts, and culture.

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