Crack The Case: Mind Hunter: An immersive live mystery theatre experience at 42 Waterloo Street

Published on 08 December 2023
By Team Catch


Sight Lines Entertainment, a leading producer of immersive theatre experiences in Singapore, presents Crack The Case: Mind Hunter, an adrenaline-pumping live mystery theatre production that will challenge your wits and keep you guessing until the very end.


In this unique experience, audience members become active participants in an unfolding mystery, working together to uncover clues, decipher puzzles, and ultimately solve the case. The performance is designed to be engaging and interactive, with each decision made by the audience having real consequences for the outcome of the story.

Collage of actors from Crack The Case: Mind Hunter

Every clue unravels a web of intrigue, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Written and directed by Krish Natarajan, the premise of this experience centres around a device called a “Mind Hunter”, the brainchild of the renowned psychologist Dr. Nithin. Partnering with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to solve crimes, the psychologist invites the audience to “beta-test” the device to enter the mind of the alleged psychopath David Menon. 

Once virtually inside this alleged criminal’s mind, you can interact with the various characters, played by five ‘live’ actors, and be guided to obtain clues in different scenes and environments to solve the murder mystery.

We spoke with Mr Natarajan, and he was delighted to be able to bring this murder-mystery to life as an interactive theatre performance.

Closeup of writer and director Krish Natarajan

Natarajan carefully crafted the experience to make the audience an integral part of the unfolding narrative through a captivating blend of storytelling and interactive elements. Image credit: LASELLE

“It is definitely a must-see for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush, hardcore mystery enthusiasts craving a fresh challenge, and friends and families ready to test their wits together”, he added.

Additionally, Sight Lines Entertainment has carved something of a niche in immersive and interactive theatre experiences. Derrick Chew, founder and artistic director of the company, says that he and his collaborators honed their skills in experimentation during the pandemic, when live performances were brought to a standstill.


“Having to find different ways to deliver entertainment just to survive as a company was a challenge. But this necessity brought out the best in us”, said Chew.

Sight Lines Entertainment’s previous immersive and interactive theatre production The Curious Case of the Peranakan Treasure is a testament to that. With lockdowns and restricted audience numbers limiting ticket sales and revenue, the company partnered with Raffles Hotel and the Singapore Tourism Board to create a partially in-room experience for hotel guests that did not require them to co-mingle with other theatre-goers.



Put on your crime-busting cap and start your sleuthing at the heritage building located at 42 Waterloo Street. Catch Crack The Case: Mind Hunter from now till 10 December 2023. Tickets are priced from $68.

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