Catch Recommends: Top 5 arts and culture activities you can do this Good Friday weekend!

Published on 19 March 2024
By Team Catch

The long-awaited three-day weekend at the end of March 2024 is quickly drawing closer and there are plenty of arts and culture findings around Singapore for you to discover! From exploring cultural gems through your camera lens and finding art in nature to watching stories and music unfold onstage, it’s all about creating your own arts and culture adventure and making the most of the upcoming long weekend this 29 to 31 March 2024.

1. Hi K, I’ve Got This: Drawing Perseverance

Artwork by Paige Lee from the Hi K, I’ve Got This: Drawing Perseverance exhibition

Join this artistic journey led by Paige Lee, a self-taught illustrator, educator, and advocate for mental wellness. Image credit: Paige Lee

Dive into the vibrant world of K, the resilient protagonist in Paige Lee's illustrations, and unlock the essence of perseverance. Whether lounging on a park bench, tackling tasks at work, or finding solace at home, K embodies resilience in the face of adversity. Paige Lee's exhibition celebrates the triumphs of everyday life, showcasing how perseverance can be found in the most ordinary moments. Through her spirited artwork, Lee offers a fresh perspective on navigating life's challenges, echoing the enduring spirit cherished by generations of Singaporean Chinese.  



Hi K, I’ve Got This: Drawing Perseverance runs from now to 1 May 2024 at the Level 9 and 10 foyer of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Admission is free. 


2. Capturing Nature Exhibition

Close up of the exhibition space of Capturing Nature at the Botanical Art Gallery

Embark on a wild journey through nature's artistry, from leafy imprints to mesmerising electrotype plates from Vienna and beyond. Image credit: Capturing Nature

Discover the captivating world of nature at the Botanical Art Gallery in Singapore Botanic Gardens. This showcase brings together artistry from across the globe, spanning centuries. Delve into the ancient art of Nature Printing, where leaves, plants, and even snakeskin leave their mark on paper or cloth. Marvel at highlights like the colossal Akita-Fuki print from Japan and rare electrotype plates from Vienna. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's imprints and the artistry that captures it!  


The Capturing Nature Exhibition runs from now to 31 March 2024 at the Botanical Art Gallery in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Admission is free.


3. Hi, Can You Hear Me?


Key event visual of Hi, Can You Hear Me?

Be entranced by a story of solace, connection, and perhaps, a glimmer of control amidst the tumultuous unknown. Image credit: The Necessary Stage

In the mysterious realm of limbo, Utama runs a bar where strange characters gather; Guan Yin's cycle of tragic rebirth, Shimizu's battle with fading memories, Sindhu's quest for normalcy after a seismic awakening, and John's struggle for stability as a journalist converge in Hi, Can You Hear Me? Penned by A Yagnya and co-directed by Alvin Tan, the narrative weaves their disparate yet intertwined lives. Their stories intertwine as they grapple with personal challenges and unexpected chaos. Seeking solace and connection, they navigate through the uncertainties of life, hoping to regain stability and control in the midst of turmoil. 


Hi, Can You Hear Me? runs from 21 to 31 March 2024 at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets are priced from $30.40.


4. Esplanade Presents | Mosaic Music Series: The Rare Occasions (USA)


Wide shot of The Rare Occasions

Catch The Rare Occasions as they dominate the indie scene with '90s garage flair. Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Hailing from Los Angeles with roots in New England, The Rare Occasions rock the indie scene with their '90s garage vibes and infectious harmonies. They've conquered stages nationwide, snagged the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and dropped an impressive array of tunes online. Their debut trio album, Big Whoop, made waves in 2021, while their TikTok hit Notion went platinum, topping charts globally. Now, with their latest EP Attaboy, they're ready to hit the stage in Singapore, serving up electrifying riffs and irresistible beats on the road to new musical horizons. 



Esplanade Presents | Mosaic Music Series: The Rare Occasions (USA) is happening on 28 March 2024 at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Tickets are priced from $63.75.

5. Guided Photowalk: Discover Tanglin Halt & Wessex Estate

Mid shot of a housing block in Tanglin Halt

Don't miss this chance to delve into Singapore's heritage with a dash of artistic flair and camaraderie! Image credit: Vincent Geh

Embark on an intriguing journey to uncover Tanglin Halt and Wessex Estate's hidden stories! This guided photowalk provides boundless opportunities to hone your photography skills and discover the beauty of architectural and natural scenery. Wander through the time-honoured lanes of Wessex Estate, where colonial charm meets lush landscapes. Capture the essence of Singapore's past and present as you stroll through Tanglin Halt's evolving heartlands and the Rail Corridor before ending your adventure at the charming Colbar Cafe.  


Guided Photowalk: Discover Tanglin Halt & Wessex Estate is happening on 30 March 2024. Tickets are priced at $60. 

End your March 2024 with a bona fide arts and culture bang! 

Whether you prefer soaking up the arts and culture vibe comfortably while watching the action live onstage or being out and about exploring Singapore, this mini list has something for everyone. It’s time to start planning ahead and keep an eye on Catch for what April 2024 has in store for you!

Top image credit: Capturing Nature

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