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Discover the must-see programmes at Goodman Open House 2024 this weekend

2 mins read

Goodman Arts Centre is once again throwing its doors open for this year’s iteration of Goodman Open House. From 10am to 10pm on 22 June 2024, the arts enclave comes alive with an outdoor cinema programme, for the first time ever, as well as an array of workshops, performances, and open studios for a full day of creative exploration.

Here's a lineup of five great programmes you won't want to miss if you spend your Saturday there!

1. Linocut Printmaking

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Don’t know what linocut printmaking is? Find out at this workshop where you will work on preselected templates with linocut carving tools. You’ll be guided by Jeffrey Ang, the founder of Artefakts Art Craft Design. Just a heads up that your prints will take 30 minutes to dry - giving you enough time to check out the next activity on our list.

2. Monster Magic

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Enjoy clay moulding and storytelling fun for the whole family in this workshop that is perfect for budding artists aged 6 to 12. You get to make your own clay monsters, then bring them to life with Checkpoint Theatre’s iconic storytelling techniques.

3. Fermented Clothing

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Bring a used, pre-loved, seen-better-days t-shirt (that weighs 120g) or less and rejuvenate it with the magic of indigo dyes that are derived from plants! Parents and kids get to learn and explore the ancient art of indigo dyeing in this workshop facilitated by apparel designer Felix Nai.

4. Turkish Floral Motif Painting

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Paint flowers like a Turk with Swati Pelakar as she guides you in this beginners’ session. Participants from aged seven and above get to paint on pre-drawn 300gsm watercolour paper. Learn about the floral and other biomorphic motifs inspired by nature that appeared in various forms during the Ottoman period.

5. Nature’s Resonance

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Ruan (pun intended) into tranquillity with an outdoor sound bath experience led by Neil Chua, the first musician from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to receive a Master’s degree in music with the traditional lute-like instrument known as a ruan. Gentle breathing exercises and guided meditations will ease you into a state of relaxation.

6. Open Studios

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Immerse yourself in different genres of art through open studio events! Steven Fang Yucheng’s open studio allows you to explore the heritage and intricacies of Chinese art. The Tamil Literature open house, held by the Association of Singapore Tamil Writers allows attendees to browse through their collection of locally authored Tamil literature.

7. Pop-up Market

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The many pop-up markets at the Goodman Open House 2024 gives art-lovers and community members the opportunity to directly support the arts through purchases of live caricature drawings, comics, art commissions, henna, amongst many others!

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