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Be tickled by a dozen top local comedians at Dream Academy's Happy Ever Laughter 2024!

2 mins read

What do you get when you put 12 of the best comedians in Singapore and Malaysia on one ticket? If your answer is “chaos”, you’re probably right.

Dream Academy, Singapore’s leading theatre company, has been producing this popular franchise for 12 years now, and it features the likes of Hossan Leong, Pam Oei, Rishi Budhrani, Sharul Channa, Jacky Ng, alongside newcomers Noah Yap, XiXi Lim and Malaysian funnyman Dr. Jason Leong.

The idea is simple - every comedian delivers a stand-up set of between 10 to 15 minutes, one after the other, without a break for you to catch your breath. You’re guaranteed to laugh till your sides split! But that’s ok because there’s literally a doctor (Jason Leong) in the house.

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While a few of the comedians like Fakkah Fuzz, Jacky Ng, Rishi Budhrani and Sharul Channa are seasoned stand-up veterans, the community in Singapore is a tight knit one, and always welcoming of debutants. Both Noah Yap and XiXi Lim are actors and performers, but have never taken the big stage for a stand-up set.

Both were persuaded to join the cast with “just a ten-minute set”, and both XiXi and Noah are understandably nervous about their debut. We empathise of course, after all, Happy Ever Laughter boasts other alumni the likes of Gurmit Singh, Adrian Pang, Mark Lee, and Najip Ali.

Noah is aware of his prior reputation as one of the “Ah Boys” from Jack Neo’s well-known army movies, and is keen to make an impression and show off another facet of his personality. He made the transition to comedy because he has “always been a fan of stand-up comedians like Bill Burr and Russell Peters,” he told Catch in a recent interview.

Similarly, Xixi is known for her role in “Ah Girl Go Army” and her involvement with popular Singaporean YouTube channel, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC). We are excited to see her comedic talent shine in her stand-up debut!

The full line-up of comedians for Happy Ever Laughter: Standup Comedy Madness comprises: Hossan Leong, Pam Oei, Rishi Budhrani, Sharul Channa, Jacky Ng, Dr Jason Leong, Siti Khalijah, Hafidz Rahman, Fakkah Fuzz, Noah Yap, XiXi Lim and Prem John.

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With a vibrant mix of veterans and rising stars in the stand-up comedy game, Happy Ever Laughter is one that you shouldn't miss! Prepare to be amused and thoroughly entertained as each performer brings their unique style to the stage to keep you chuckling all night long.

All images are credited to Dream Academy.

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