Singapore's arts and culture community takes centre stage in our slick music video Just Catch

Published on 14 December 2023
By Team Catch


Just Catch is not just a song; it's an anthem that captures the spirit of diversity and celebration that defines Singaporean arts and culture.

Singapore's arts and culture scene is a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds, and stories, reflecting the city's rich heritage and vibrancy. To celebrate this dynamic tapestry, Catch, Singapore's largest arts content portal, has released an electrifying music video, Just Catch, that invites everyone to immerse themselves in the city's artistic offerings.


Star-studded, stylish, and very Singaporean

Collage of Aisyah Aziz and Shye (left to right)

The incredible singing styles of Aisyah and Shye are the definition of Catch and catchy in our latest hit.

Set to an infectious beat, the music video features an all-star lineup of Singaporean musical talents, including Aisyah Aziz, Shye, Sezairi, and Abangsapau. Each artist brings their unique style and energy to the track, creating a captivating blend of sounds that encapsulates the diversity of Singapore's music scene.

Collage of Sezairi and Abangsapau (left to right)

Keep your ears out for Sezairi’s smooth singing vocals and Abangsapau’s impressive rap skills!

The toe-tapping, head-bobbing start of the piece is layered with accents that are indelibly Singaporean, and as the brief to the brilliant composer and producer Josh Wei went: “but don’t make it sound like an NDP song”, it most assuredly is not. Based off K-Pop artist Sorn’s track Rowdy (also composed and produced by Wei), the song’s beat swerves and weaves with relatable lyrics penned by singer-songwriter Linying, and an energetic verse by rapper Abangsapau.

Declaration of intent: this is our arts scene

Collage of Daryl Qilin Yam, Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, and Ivan Heng with the dancers from Parampara (left to right)

It’s a dynamic feast of diverse arts and culture forms–all in one music video!

The music video is not just a feast for the ears but also a visual spectacle that showcases the breadth and depth of Singapore's arts and culture scene. Featuring an array of arts practitioners from various genres, including the celebrated photographer AikBeng Chia, theatre veteran Ivan Heng, film director He Shuming, writer Daryl Qilin Yam, Bhaskar's Arts Academy, the Singapore Lyric Opera, the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, among others, this music video highlights the collaborative nature of Singapore's arts community.

Collage of Chia Aik Beng and He Shuming, singers from Singapore Lyric Opera, and Yi Keat (left to right)

Spot your favourite arts and culture activity to watch or dabble in! #JustCatch

At its core, Just Catch is a call to action for all Singaporeans and visitors to explore and engage with the local arts and culture scene. From theatre to photography, classical to contemporary, there's something for everyone to discover and enjoy. The video serves as an invitation to step out and Just Catch the rich tapestry of arts and culture that Singapore has to offer, and a reminder that art is not merely to be observed, but also to be experienced, participated in, and shared.

Catch: Your Gateway to Singapore's Arts and Culture Scene


Catch, an initiative by the National Arts Council Singapore, is dedicated to bringing Singaporean arts and culture to a wider audience. Launched in September 2023, Catch serves as a one-stop platform to the city's artistic heritage and contemporary creativity. Our platform offers extensive arts and culture listings, engaging content, and a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

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Wide shot of Abangsapau and Aisyah Aziz

Don’t miss out on this toe-tapping beat and all-encompassing music video with Just Catch!

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Images are credited to Chia Aik Beng, Yi Keat, and Catch.

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