An interactive and sensory journey awaits at the revamped Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore

Published on 30 January 2024
By Team Catch

Are you ready to introduce a world of artistic marvels to your little ones? The Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore sees a charming revamp designed for little art enthusiasts between the ages of 4 to 12. This imaginative haven boasts seven zones of pure wonder, from immersive play zones with digital artwork, hands-on sensory play, and 3D creations to interactive workshops!

Wide shot of the gateway into the Keppel Centre for Art Education

A gateway into discovering the world of art–perfect for a fun family day out!

Free for all, this treasure trove of creativity caters to every family member's whims, ensuring a joyous day at the Gallery.

1. A Brush with Forest Fire

Wide shot of an exhibition in A Brush with Forest Fire zone

Let your imaginations run wild–it's art, but with a fiery twist!

Step into a lively tropical forest playground inspired by Raden Saleh’s artwork Boschbrand (Forest Fire), where kids not only dive into the magic of artistic elements but also embark on an eco-adventure in Southeast Asia. Armed with a special paintbrush, pint-sized Picassos unravel the secrets of colour theory, mixing and creating a spectrum of hues in a digital colour well.

Wide shot of children interacting with the augmented reality artwork in A Brush with Forest Fire

Bring art to life with your own hands through fun augmented reality elements. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Playing with animal scales and sizes becomes a creative quest, laying the groundwork for a masterpiece. The interactive journey seems unending, with the kids being invited to extinguish virtual forest fires in an interactive augmented reality game and getting their own digital canvas to add their flair to the artworks.

2. Illuminate!

Wide shot of a young girl engaging with an exhibition play area in the Illuminate! zone

Get hands-on with a rainbow of various materials in varying shapes and sizes. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

The Illuminate! zone is the perfect place for kids to embark on artistic escapades fueled by curiosity! Inspired by the Gallery's masterpieces, Illuminate! beckons young explorers to dive into the abstract realm, where colours, shapes, and the dance of light and shadow take centre stage in a vibrant playground of creative mayhem. With a splash of visual excitement, budding artists decode the magic behind symbols, colours, and shapes, unravelling the secrets of crafting their own masterpiece and having it “displayed” on a wall projection for all to see.

3. Makers Studio

Wide shot of people interacting with the 3D doodling pen station in the Makers Studio

Where creativity collides with science and technology. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Education takes a creative spin in the Makers Studio! This vibrant space flips the script on traditional learning, inviting kids and teens to don their explorer hats and dive into a slew of hands-on activities. Themed around Experimentation, they will get to wield 3D doodling pens and wooden shapes of various sizes to craft their own sculptures, drawing inspiration from the Gallery's artistic treasures. It’s a tactile journey where the language of materials are used to tell the stories of our young budding artists!

Close up of colourful miniature 3D art

Watch the magic unfold as you bring art to life with 3D doodling pens!

4. Expression Workshop

Mid shot of children on a guided art workshop in the Expression Workshop

Keep a lookout for exclusive guided art workshops such as DIY Hat Making! Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Elevating the boundless creativity ignited in the Maker's Studio, the Expression Workshop is the ultimate playground of expression! Dive into daily drop-in activities and guided workshops that bring the theme of Expression to life, beckoning families to unleash their inner artists, dreamers, and play enthusiasts. Whether it's wielding a paintbrush, shaping clay, or concocting a masterpiece collage–the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

5. Portrait Gallery

Wide shot of a man and two children interacting with the exhibition space in the Portrait Gallery

Art takes education to a whole new level with hands-on activities and Instagrammable moments. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Storytelling comes to life in the Portrait Gallery, where the stage is set for Instagram-worthy moments for families to create memories and unleash their inner thespians. Strike a pose with mirrors and props, and even dive into creating your very own portraits with magnetic props that reflect the kaleidoscope of human quirks and styles. It's a tapestry that celebrates the diversity of individuals and all the unique and distinctive personalities out there, and children are encouraged to appreciate and embrace them all.

6. Book Nook

Close up of a young boy reading a book at the Book Nook zone

Traverse different realms of art through the literary world at the cosy Book Nook.

Discover the Book Nook–a treasure trove of literary wonders for all ages! It’s a great gateway into art-centric adventures through the world of books, with top-notch selections such as Awesome Art Singapore: 10 Works from the Lion City Everyone Should Know that transforms complex concepts into a playground of joy for kids, and Eat with Your Eyes by Low Lai Chow, a visual feast spotlighting 14 Southeast Asian artworks in the Gallery’s collection. So, grab a book, ignite your imagination, and let the Book Nook be your passport to a literary rendezvous with creativity!

7. Calm Pod

Wide shot of a woman and child resting at the Calm Pod

Need a break? Have a rest at the Calm Pod and various areas around the centre. Image credit: National Gallery Singapore

Need a timeout from the sensory rollercoaster? Introducing the Calm Pod–a chill zone for resting your feet and regaining your cool from any sensory overstimulation. Even explorers need a peaceful pit stop so take the time to zen out before hopping back to exploring the Keppel Centre for Art Education!

Embark on a sensory journey through the seven zones of the Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore

Close up of a 3D doodling set and CATCH in blue letter art

Unlock the artful wonderland of the Keppel Centre for Art Education.

With so many activities to explore, your family is sure to have a new batch of art adventures every weekend! Entry is free for all but to beat the crowds, book your designated one hour and 15-minute time slot and ensure a smooth day out for you and the kids. Additionally, spice up your visit with exclusive ticketed experiences led by our art gurus (check out their page to catch them when they’re released). A fresh new look and bountiful paths to explore, the Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore is the perfect place to welcome your family into the world of arts and culture!


The Keppel Centre for Art Education is located at the National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing, Level 1, 1 St Andrew's Road, Singapore 178957. Opening hours are from 10am to 7pm daily. Admission is free. 


Top image credit: National Gallery Singapore

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