5 New Year’s resolutions to elevate your arts and cultural experience in Singapore in 2024

Published on 25 December 2023
By Team Catch

Time truly flies but it’s not true when they say all good things come to an end, because 2024 is ready to bring to you a whole new celebration of all things arts and culture (we hope you’re as excited as we are!). New year’s resolutions are certainly all the rage, but Catch is here to bring a special twist to yours with 5 new year’s resolutions for you to embark on your very own arts and culture journey in 2024! 

1. Discover local art exhibitions


Wide shot of an exhibition in Yeo Workshop


It’s time to put on your walking shoes and go on a hunt for local galleries around Singapore! Image credit: Yeo Workshop

You never know what hidden artsy gems you can find in Singapore and this is your sign to see how many local art galleries and independent art spaces you can check off your list in 2024. Gillman Barracks has always been known for its vibrant arts scene with the likes of Yeo Workshop that houses installations themed around technology, post-apocalyptic themes and relationships, and Yavuz Gallery with its collection of contemporary art from the Asia-Pacific region. 


You can even venture into hotels in pursuit of discovering a new artistic world, such as Artcommune Gallery that’s tucked away in Carlton Hotel and has a focus on Singapore modern art. Shopping malls also have their own portals into discovering local art; case in point, The Shopping Gallery’s Yang Gallery in Orchard is where you can find whimsical contemporary pieces alongside traditional art. 


2. Pick up a traditional art form


Wide shot of a man working on a Chinese-style painting

Bring traditional art to life with your own hands. Image credit: Visual Arts Centre

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned arts and culture follower, 2024 is the year to try something different and embrace Singapore’s cultural heritage by learning a traditional art form. Instead of simply admiring the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and paintings, why not try your hand at mastering it? The Visual Arts Centre offers bilingual workshops to get beginners started.


Think you’ve got moves? Challenge yourselves with a workshop in Malay dance, where you bring together years of culture and heritage into a mesmerising dance brimming with years of history. SRIWANA, one of the oldest Malay performing arts schools in Singapore since 1950, has specially designed Malay dance programmes that’s suited for beginners. 


Wide shot of three people playing the sitar

Looking for a change? Spice up your year by immersing yourselves in a whole new culture! Image credit: Parampara

If music is your jam, why not give it a whirl with classical Indian music? Parampara specialises in Hindustani music, a classic style diverging from Carnatic music during AD 13th century influenced by ancient Hindu musical traditions, historical Vedic philosophy and native Indian sounds. Sign up for one of their courses that dives deep into the art of the sitar, tabla, or violin, and immerse yourselves in these rich traditions.

3. Diversify your reading list

Collage of Spin!, A View Of Stars: Stories Of Love, and Missed Connections: Microfiction From Asia (left to right)

There’s nothing more chill than curling up with a good book after a hard day’s work! Image credit: Marshall Cavendish

There’re plenty to uncover in the local literary scene with insights into the rich tapestry of Singapore's diverse stories. For the young ones, Spin! by Nur-El-Hudaa Jaffa imparts life lessons and inspires creativity in children through a beautifully-illustrated tale surrounding a classic childhood game of spinning tops. 


Romantics will love A View Of Stars: Stories Of Love, an anthology inspired by true stories and well-known classics set in Singapore with tales of an interracial romance, one who pines for his true love in his kampong, the Singaporean version of the Ono no Komachi fable, and more. And if you missed out on the heartwarming stories of Missed Connections: Microfiction From Asia in our Christmas gift guide, this is your sign.


And what’s more, Catch is giving away both A View Of Stars: Stories Of Love and Missed Connections: Microfiction From Asia to a few lucky Catch readers! Simply follow us on Instagram at @catchsingapore and keep your eyes peeled on how you can add these books to your 2024 reading list! 


4. Travel the world through the film-verse


Scene from A Year of No Significance (大风吹) by Kelvin Tong


Discover Singaporean flavours in the world of film. Image credit: Singapore International Film Festival 2023

Broaden your cinematic horizons by exploring films from different cultures and regions by creating a movie bucket list! To get you started, Kelvin Tong’s A Year of No Significance (大风吹) is a Singapore International Film Festival 2023 must-see that tells the story of a Chinese-educated architect stuck at a crossroads when it comes to work and family, set in 1970s Singapore. For a combination of action and romance, Eating Air shows how opposites attract in a whirlwind teenage love. Both films are currently showing at The Projector, where you can source out a slew of local films screening there throughout the year. 


Another way to expand your cinematic palate is by attending local film festivals like the Singapore International Film Festival, where you can discover the works of talented Singaporean filmmakers and explore stories that celebrate the diversity of cultures. Get your latest updates on when the next festival is happening by following us on Instagram at @catchsingapore!


5. Document your artistic and cultural journey


Mid shot of a man taking a picture of an exhibition piece at Singapore Night Festival 2023

Do it for the mems and document your arts and culture experiences!

There’s nothing more precious than memories when it comes to embarking on your new year arts and culture resolutions, and what better way than to immortalise them? Whether you’re constantly updating your ‘gram, creating full-fledged TikToks or even starting an account specially for all things arts and culture, sharing your insights and discoveries can inspire your loved ones. If you’re a more private person, keeping a journal to pen down your personal thoughts is also a worthwhile way to look back on your 2024! 


Get prepared for an amazing year of arts and culture festivities in 2024!


It’s never too early to start plotting out which arts and culture milestones to hit next year and with our simple yet effective new year resolutions, you’re in for an incredible 2024 with the many exciting events Catch has in store for you!



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