Find the perfect Catch-recommended curated events for Singapore Art Week 2024!

Published on 16 January 2024
By Team Catch

Are you ready for a festival of visual arts this month? Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2024 is back with a vengeance for their 12th edition of one of Singapore’s biggest arts and culture events, with over 150 exhibitions and installations all around the island, from the arts districts to the heartlands


This makes SAW’s tagline Art Takes Over very apt but with so many events to choose from yet so little time to catch them all, Catch has done it once again with our top picks from SAW 2024 based on your schedule. Whether you’re looking for quick bites of the arts, scouring after-work or date night plans, or looking for a weekend’s worth of plans, scroll on to check out what we’ve curated just for you!

Art Snack! (1 hour’s worth of bite-sized experiences)


This one’s perfect for those looking to catch a break in between those numbing office hours!

1. Experiments in Overexposure by Genevieve Leong


ollage of two exhibition pieces in Experiments in Overexposure


Join the dance of unpredictability, where the public transforms the space into an ever-changing canvas. Image credit: SAW 2024

For those working within the Central Business District, Genevieve Leong's Experiments in Overexposure is the epitome of accidental escapades and designed adventures, where you can take in sun-kissed experiments with materials, objects, and gestures that even the public can contribute to. 

Catch Experiments in Overexposure at dblspce, Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman Street, #02-20, Singapore 179804.

2. Palpable Affinities by Leow Wei Li and Celeste Tan

Wide shot of Palpable Affinities

Palpable Affinities unleashes a gallery extravaganza, flaunting Leow Wei Li and Celeste Tan's dynamic art affair with liberated objects. Image credit: Alger Law

If you’re looking to feel inspired, join artists Leow Wei Li and Celeste Tan in a whimsical exploration of material rebirth through Palpable Affinities. Picture this: materials breaking free, living their best lives in wild, imagined worlds. It's like a language makeover for art and design, turning waste into object superstars, and giving artworks their own stories about life, identity, and social drama.


Catch Palpable Affinities White Jacket, 17 Upper Circular Road, #03-00, Singapore 058415. Opening hours are from 10.30am to 7pm on weekdays and 1pm to 5pm on Saturday. 

3. The Art of Deception by various artists

Wide shot of an exhibition piece in The Art of Deception

Dive into installations and embrace new perspectives. Image credit: SAW 2024

On the flip side, The Art of Deception is a mind-bending journey where art meets perception through installations using photography, film, VR, and more! Each piece questions what you think is true, inviting you to see the world in a completely different light and challenging you to rethink your views and beliefs while soaking in the magic of transformative art.

Catch The Art of Deception at Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, Istana Park, Singapore 238888, and Planet Plus Edition 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #02-10/13, Singapore 228206. Opening hours are from 12pm to 8pm daily. 

4. Annual Review by Chong Ng and Pixie Tan

Wide shot of an exhibition piece in Annual Review

Witness the power of collaboration of Chong Ng and Pixie Tan in this dynamic photography exhibition! Image credit: Chong Ng and Pixie Tan

Witness years’ worth of creative adventures through the lenses of photographer Chong Ng and art director Pixie Tan in this stunning photography exhibition. Each snapshot traces back to their occasional collaborations from ant battles to capturing feelings of anxiety in an all-encompassing Annual Review

Catch Annual Review at Another Department, 66 Tannery Ln, #05-06, Singapore 347805. Opening hours are from 11am to 8pm daily.

5. In A Rainbow by Lee Wei Lieh and Matthew Sia

Collage of the different looks of the ATP Tunnel Rainbow Light-art Project

Witness the change of everyday life into a spectacular rainbow work of art. Image credit: SAW 2024

You can truly find art all around you, even while on-the-go! Embark on a kaleidoscopic journey with the ATP Tunnel Rainbow Light-art Project by Lee Wei Lieh and Matthew Sia, in collaboration with Frasers Property. Watch as the ordinary fades into a pulsating rainbow wonderland, posing the question: What's inside a rainbow? This dazzling spectacle makes the perfect backdrop for photos or simply for folks to appreciate in the moment.


Catch In A Rainbow at the Alexandra Technopark Tunnel, 438 Alexandra Road, Singapore 119958. 

SAW After Hours (3 hours’ worth of after-work and date night memories)

It’s time to let your hair down after a hard day’s work! Round up your kakis or plan a chill date for your partner and head down to these aesthetic exhibitions!

1. Light to Night 2024: Reimagine by National Gallery Singapore

Wide shot of people enjoying the Art x Social Festival Village

It's history, origin, and national collections all in one, with art you can touch, feel, and experience to the fullest! Image credit: SAW 2024

One of the biggest events during SAW, Light to Night 2024 is a festival of creativity and innovation with unexpected twists and turns. Themed Reimagine, this mega-event alone has over 60 artworks and programmes to look forward to. Be prepared to have your senses engaged with amazing immersive and sensorial experiences that invite audiences to be a part of the installations, ranging from a multi-room, ASMR-worthy installation to a game of table tennis. 

Catch Light to Night 2024 at National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957.

2. Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation

Visual of Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation

Be prepared for a mind-melding look into everyday life transformed into a dynamically digital artwork. Image credit Hothouse

Get ready for a mind-bending experience with Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation! Artists Rafi Abdullah, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Ruby Jayseelan, and Safuan Johari have turned Hothouse (Aliwal Arts Centre) into a memory theatre by mixing sound, media art, movement, and spoken word. This digital playground sees the everyday transformed into a poetic spectacle and multidisciplinary work of art!


Catch Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation at Hothouse, #02-10 Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 19991. Opening hours are from 7pm to 9pm on weekdays, and 2pm to 9pm on weekends. 

3. Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragon by Vertical Submarine

Wide shot of Funan

Retail therapy just got a lot more creative! Image credit: Funan

Vertical Submarine is teaming up with Funan for an artsy retail extravaganza at Singapore Art Week 2024! Brace yourselves for 16 mind-blowing artist and brand mashups, turning the mall into an interactive art playground. From fashion to food, witness the magical collision of creativity and commerce in unexpected corners. 

Catch Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragon at Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.

4. Lucky Cats by I_S_L_A_N_D_S

Close up of an exhibition piece from Lucky Cats

Cats and the arts? Talk about an irresistible combination! Image credit: Pey Chuan Tan

Embark on a feline-filled adventure with I_S_L_A_N_D_S! Lucky Cats, a group show, celebrates the artistic bond between local creators and our four-legged friends. From independence to a sprinkle of magic, cats inspire our creative souls. It's a purr-fect love letter to the vibrant art community. Feeling lucky? Grab some art—50% goes to the Singapore Cat Welfare Society!

Catch Lucky Cats at I_S_L_A_N_D_S, Excelsior Shopping Centre, 5 Coleman Street, B1-07B, Singapore 179805. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.


Close up of an exhibition piece from SAND GARDEN

SAND GARDEN offers a sensory experience like no other. Image credit: SAW 2024

Get ready to dig into the artistic sandbox of AVC with SAND GARDEN! This dynamic duo, Bridget Tay and Naazsedilix, brings you an experimental playground that fuses visual and sound art. Think Japanese Zen Gardens meet playful rock structures—where sand meets creativity, and rules are left at the doorstep. 


Catch SAND GARDEN at Our Tampines Hub, Level 1, Festive Walk East, Singapore 528523. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily. 

SAW Saturdays (A full day’s worth of visual arts festivities)

No weekend plans? We’ve got you! Here’s how you can spend a whole Saturday at the festival of visual arts! 


1. ARTWALK Festival by LASALLE College of the Arts and Singapore Tourism Board


Wide shot of people enjoying ARTWALK

It’s a decade in the making with ARTWALK’s celebration of arts this SAW 2024! Image credit: SAW 2024

Whether you're an ARTWALK veteran or a first-time explorer, get ready to party with ARTWALK as it turns ten! From Little India to Katong - Joo Chiat, ARTWALK Festival has been spinning tales of heritage and culture since 2014. Decennial is a grand celebration where artists and neighbours alike dive into a decade of memories, evolution, and the vibrant worlds of Little India and Katong - Joo Chiat.

Catch ARTWALK Festival at Little India and Katong - Joo Chiat.

2. ART SG 2024

Mid shot of a ART SG staff member interacting with a visitor

Explore Singapore’s leading international art fair as ART SG takes over this SAW 2024! Image credit: ART SG

Founding and Lead Partner UBS is rocking the art scene with ART SG as the leading international art fair in Singapore and Southeast Asia! Launched in January 2023, it was the talk of the town, marking a new era for Singapore's art scene. Its second edition in January 2024 brings you incredible contemporary art, global galleries, large-scale installations, curated talks, and film programmes. ART SG is here to make Singapore a global art hotspot!

Catch ART SG 2024 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956. Opening hours for the public are from 12pm to 7pm on 19 January 2024, 11am to 7pm on 20 January 2024, and 11am to 5pm on 21 January 2024. 


Catch members can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount by applying promo code <CATCH15> upon checkout.

3. Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2024

Wide shot of visitors admiring graffiti art

Celebrating a decade of Aliwal Urban Art Festival, RSCLS presents "The 10 Year Series," a retrospective exhibition. Image credit: Arts House Limited

Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2024 is ready to unleash a dynamic urban art extravaganza with a showcase of street art spectacles, live graffiti battles, music, and dance, themed The 10 Year Series to celebrate a decade of the festival. Graffiti competition GraffFIGHT X amps up the artistic energy, while the alternative walking tour, D’Tour, explores larger-than-life murals. The festival buzzes with performances by NADI Singapura, The Improv Company, Kalpavriksha Fine Arts, and more, alongside workshops, open studios, and a Pop-Up Market. Once night falls, hip-hop beats and street dance duo ScRach MarcS will take over Kampong Gelam for a Re:Union Party under the stars. 

Catch Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2024 at Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal St, Singapore 199918. The festival starts from 12pm onwards.

4. Art on the Hill '24: An Open Studio Exhibition

Close up of a painting against the backdrop of a studio

Art On The Hill '24 transcends observation, becoming a shared celebration of creativity and lasting connections. Image credit: SAW 2024

Embark on an artistic adventure at The Studios of Art On The Hill '24, where each creative enclave unveils the artist's process, showcasing both works-in-progress and completed masterpieces. Visitors will get to engage with artists firsthand, delving into their methods and inspirations for a unique, interactive experience that builds a vibrant community alongside a diverse array of artworks. 

Catch Art on the Hill '24: An Open Studio Exhibition at Mount Emily, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120. Opening hours are from 1pm to 6pm from 19 to 24 January 2024, and 1pm to 9pm from 25 to 28 January 2024.




Check out how art, design, and technology blend together in this dynamic exhibition. Image credit: SERIAL CO_

Nestled on the first floor of Peace Centre, CEREAL BOWL is a canvas for diverse artistic experiences, from pop-ups to breakfast banters and exhibitions. Like a bowl of cereal, it's a feast of art, design, and tech explorations brought together by diverse groups. CEREAL BOWL, because SERIAL CO_ knows life's better with a splash of creativity!


Catch CEREAL BOWL at CEREAL BOWL, Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road, #01-36, Singapore 228149. 

Explore over 150 exhibitions and installations at SAW 2024 with Catch

It’s never too early to start planning ahead and with Catch; you can make the most out of SAW 2024 with our curated top picks for any itinerary. There’s no better way to start the year off with a bang than being in the middle of the action of one of Singapore’s biggest visual arts festivals!


Top image credit: National Gallery Singapore

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