Catch NAC’s Campaign: The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day

Published on 08 February 2024
By Team Catch

From the moment you wake up and get ready for the day, you’re likely to have encountered something to do with the arts. It could be your morning jam on your music streaming playlist, or the striking piece you picked up from last year’s Affordable Art Fair that stares back at you from the wall. There’s more as you head out the door and onto your commute: you notice the quirky art installations at your MRT station, and as you rise up the escalator to the street, you hear the strumming of a busker’s guitar.

Wide shot of a lady observing an art installation at Singapore Art Museum

You can find art everywhere in almost every corner of Singapore if you look closely. Image credits: Singapore Art Museum

That’s just on the way to work! You haven’t even tried to Catch anything to do with the arts. It’s just everywhere! And that’s what the National Arts Council (NAC) Singapore is trying to let everyone know: the arts are everywhere, and in our everyday lives. The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day is a campaign that aims to encourage and remind us all of the transformative power of the arts. Ordinary moments are turned into extraordinary experiences through various forms of art, whether it’s through music, or literature, theatre and or the visual arts.

Stephanie Dogfoot turns youth stories into spoken word performances, demonstrating how literary arts can empower our youths.

Not only that–the arts play an integral part in actually improving how we live. Arts groups have collaborated with community partners to help make lives better. There are music therapy groups in hospices, concerts in hospitals, and dance-inspired movement therapy for seniors with dementia.

Decadance Co and Dementia Singapore use dance and movement therapy to improve the well-being of seniors with dementia.

We’ve all heard how a piece of music or artwork moves us, and makes us feel things, including emotions like comfort and joy. That’s the story of an aspiring songwriter named Belle, who is under the HCA Pediatric Advanced Life Support programme, a service helping children and minors with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions.

It’s clear that the arts aren’t just for entertainment. They are here to also enliven and empower, even if you think you are not “artistic” or “arts-inclined”. Art educator Nicola Choo can attest to that, with the belief that drawing “is a cognitive skill. There is a science behind it that can also be used to develop critical thinking skills”.

SingTheatre has been running their community music programme in SingHealth hospitals since 2013

No matter how young or old you may be, there’s always room to get involved in the arts, whether as a passive ticket-buying consumer, or an active practitioner. You can simply Catch any arts and culture related event right on Catch itself - we’ve got the most comprehensive listings in Singapore for any arts genre suitable for families, or busy professionals squeezing out leisure time after work, or even retirees with a bit more time on their hands. We’ve even organised events for you under the “Categories” tab, so you’ll save time scrolling through the hundreds of activities that we’ve listed.

You’ll never run out of family activity ideas when it comes to the arts

Slow down, take in the sounds around you with Lorong Boys and Luke Chong

Here at Catch.SG, we’re Singapore’s largest arts and culture discovery platform, and we’re on a mission to make the arts accessible. And as part of Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027), we believe that The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day.

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