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[ 15% OFF MEMBERSHIP PERKS ] Food at Tajine

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From the dining culture of Morocco, the food at Tajine uses an amazing mix of spices from the Northern African and Mediterranean region.

Celebrating the Moroccan culture also means that we bring traditional classic and festive dishes within our menu offering. Explore the wide array of vegetable dishes and common meats mainly beef and lamb in within the cuisine, along with chicken and seafood. You will find classic key ingredients like preserved lemons, argan oil, olive oil and dried fruits as the base flavours of the dishes. Here at Tajine, we preserve our own lemon peels and mix our own spice blend to create the perfectly balanced flavour we desire. Taste the flavours of starch staples like Batbout Bread, Semolina couscous, and pastries like Pastillas and Cornes de Gazelle.

Tajines are the staple of the cuisine, named after the traditional earthenware which meat or fish is slow-cooked within. Friday couscous is a tradition among Moroccans as a day of sharing, so we have decided that every day is a sharing day at Tajine, dishing a beautiful mound of fluffy hand-rolled semolina with house-made bone broth poured over piles of royal meat cuts.

The Méchoui is definitely not to be missed in all Moroccan festivities!
A whole piece of lamb shoulder is slow-cooked for a long time with Ras El Hanout to absolute tenderness and served over a huge pile of Basmati Rice Pilaf and Dried Fruits. It is a dish that is worth sharing and enjoy even just to celebrate the lengths and efforts taken for its long preparation!

Just like the kitchens in Morocco, here at Tajine, we do not handle pork or lard within our restaurant premises.

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18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238967

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