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Sound Plot: True/South, A Collection of Audio Plays

19 Jan 2024 (Fri) -
31 Dec 2024 (Tue)

Sound Plot: True/South, A Collection of Audio Plays

19 Jan 2024 (Fri) - 31 Dec 2024 (Tue)
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π—¦π—Όπ˜‚π—»π—± π—£π—Ήπ—Όπ˜: π—§π—Ώπ˜‚π—²/π—¦π—Όπ˜‚π˜π—΅ is a collection of audio plays responding to the geographical area of Tanjong Pagar/Pasir Panjang where the Singapore Art Museum currently resides. With audio design by Artwave Studio, the plays first premiered as part of Singapore Art Week, each with an audio spot installation at the museum and now available online as well.

The three short audio plays (of which the latter 2 were selected through our Open Call) are:

1. Sea Song
Advisory: Contains some coarse language

Laurie and Scott settle into their new expatriate lives at Sentosa Cove only to discover that not all is as it seems. Beneath the ostentatious luxuries of modern Singapore lie the sea and the land seething in their grief; and as Laurie’s connection to them grows she discovers that this loss is collective and communal.

Playwright: Joel Tan
Director: Cherilyn Woo
Actors: Julie Wee, Daniel Jenkins, Ching Shu Yi, Serene Chen, Tysha Khan, Irsyad Dawood, Joel Tan

2. Ghazal of the Banana Tree's Heart
A solitary banana tree remains on the shore, the sole survivor amongst its compatriots, lost to the need for the space they occupied; a lone banana tree that is the last repository of the stories of those shores - of fishermen, turtles and the sea itself. Alone it sings the same refrain - but who listens?

Playwright: Danial Matin
Director: Grace Kalaiselvi
Actors: Suhaili Safari & Shahid Nasheer

3. Fragments of a Singaporean Hainanese
At the opening of a new exhibition on the Hainanese community in Singapore, memories are excavated through the stories of three Hainanese immigrants of different generations, their connections to an island they left for another, and the sea that connects them.

Playwright: Wang Liansheng
Director: Lim Shien Hian
Actors: Jalyn Han, Hang Qian Chou, Rino Junior John, Mitchell Fang

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