DBS Singapore Gallery Highlights

05 Mar 2020 (Thu) -
31 Dec 2025 (Wed)

DBS Singapore Gallery Highlights

05 Mar 2020 (Thu) - 31 Dec 2025 (Wed)
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National Gallery Singapore


Event Details

Tour is available for both online and onsite booking (limited by capacity).

English Thu-Sun 3pm |  Mandarin Sat-Sun 2.30pm (Duration approx 60mins)
Gallery 1 (Tropical Tapestry, Nanyang Reverie) will be
closed in April 2024 and reopen in December 2024.Gallery 2 (Tradition Unfettered, Real Concerns, New
Languages) will be closed in December 2024 and reopen in July 2025.

Gallery 3 (Shifting Grounds) will be closed in August 2024
and reopen in July 2025.

"Siapa Nama Kamu?" means "What is your name?" The inaugural exhibition of the DBS Singapore Gallery poses this question, inviting visitors to consider how art may relate to issues of self and community, and what it means to look at Singapore through its art.

Admission Rule

Admission passes are required for this

You may also register at our Visitor Services counters located near Coleman St
entrance Level 1 and Padang Atrium Level 1, at least 30 minutes before the tour

Bookings are on a first come, first
served basis due to limited places. 

Tour schedule and availability are
subjected to changes and cancellations.  For further assistance, please
call 6271 7000.

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